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Hugs, Kisses and free tickets for next Dalston Ballet Live performance

February 23, 2017

Thanks everybody for supporting our SCISM residency. `

NEXT live performance for Dalston Ballet:

1 > 24th feb Dalston Bump launch > at Vogue Fabrics, Stoke Newington Rd

flyer dalston ballet 2017 2.jpg

2 > With the Countess > at Paradise

3 > All Tomorrows Parties, Party > at Vout-o-Reenees

Love, hugs and kisses to:

Matthew Glamorre, the Scism team and The Water Rats.

Dalston Ballet Visiting Associate Artists:

Yumi Hara, Thom Wootton, Malik Sharpe,

Kam Wan, Linda Hogg, house of o’dwyer,

Miles Coote, Alvin Hansen, Alex Zapek,

Sue Frumin, Lee Fukke and Ludo

Say Hi on facebook for free tickets …

See @DalstonBallet : camera concept cut @houseofodwyer, performer Kam Wan. first video 2017 #art #curious #masquerade #performance

January 5, 2017



And first gig of the year 14th Jan.

Where ? Here >

join us


ALSO Dalston Ballet seeks female performers.

Send links

dalstonballet @ gmail . com

Happy new year and all the best

Gar x



my 5 fave works on paper of 2016 #art #dance #painting #bareback #abstract #masks #fans #photography #wig #allmine #curatorial #hood #x

December 31, 2016


art for art’s sake




model: Alvin Hansen




pen portrait painting


miles bareback york 1


model: Miles Coote




model: Thom Wootton




model: Gur Piepskovitz


See you on the other side


‘In Byron’s footsteps’ by @DalstonBallet @Yumihara, @KamWan @houseofodwyer 2016

December 18, 2016


Live performance at Miranda at the Ace Hotel, London



part of the ‘Come in a Kimono suite’


Happy Holidays! from Dalston Ballet, and see you next year!





TOTALLY LOVE all these new works by @DalstonBallet #live #performance #art #kimono #dumb #darklord #princess #artiststudio #Byron #harp #accordian #dance #video #hood at Chisenhale Dance London Oct 2016

November 1, 2016




Dalston Ballet Co. performed 6 works of live performance, art, dance, musical and lyrical collaborations … all for Fan Riot 4 Hail Hail Hail at Chisenhale Dance Space in East London

6 ? yeah 6!

1. Come in a kimono Overture (durational) 

Kam, Alvin, Thom and dj #hood




2. Artist’s Studio




with performers Kam Wan, Alvin Jedus Hansen, Thom Wootton, and the house of o’dwyer and randomly selected track from found i pod…


3. The Dark Lord 




with performer Kam Wan and music from Rckay Rax


4. Principessa




Alvin Jedus Hansen – performer

Rckay Rax – Music




5. In Byron’s Footsteps




Kam Wan – performer

Yumi Hara – Music, harp and voice




house of o’dwyer – lyrics, choreography, costume


6. Dumb Blonde




Thom Wootton – performer

Adam Christensen – Music, Accordian, Voice




Choreography, costume, concept the house of o’dwyer for the Dalston Ballet Co

Thanks to Garance




Watch beautiful, mesmerising petit Opera / mini Musical #PetitOpera #MiniMusical In Byron’s Footsteps by #DalstonBallet Co. #Harp & #Voice #YumiHara; #Dancer #KamWam; #Lyrics, #choreorgraphy, #art #direction #concept #houseOfOdwyer

October 19, 2016




Website reboot 4 #houseofodwyer @DalstonBallet @GrannyLudski @tcoa #Come join the #masquerade #SeriousNotSolemn

July 18, 2016



Website for the house of o’dwyer


jo small

Follow Dalston Ballet Company…



and Submit your films to  At Home with the Ludskis…


and don’t forget the ‘The Centre of Attention’




Come join the Masquerade!






Making a statement: What the hell are u doing? Writing on art / curatorial / choreographic practice #DalstonBallet #houseofodwyer

June 17, 2016


I formed the Dalston Ballet Company as a work of art in itself and to be able to create work for live performance and also as moving image. We aim to work collaboratively with other Artists and attempt to combine film, movement, music, sound, choreography, in fact all art forms to create a total art work.

The project stems from an inquiry into notions of dramaturgy, theatrical and psycho-sociological, as well as construction of story and narrative.

My practice amounts to an examination of, or quest to discover the truth, beauty, the nature of humanity, and the meaning of Art all from the perspective of fairy tales, the archetypal narratives.


jo small

Witch: performed by Jo Cork for Dalston Ballet Co.



The films from the Dalston Ballet Co. also also exist as a moving image portrait series.

Work by the house of o’dwyer has been has been exhibited nationally and international including: Venice Biennale; Manifesta; Museo Reina Sofia; Modern Art Istanbul; Artists Network NY; Art Brut Wien; Milton Keynes Gallery; CCA Glasgow; Schauspielhaus Zurich.




#hood April in Rendelsham forest, portraits, cats, dogs, sculpture, dancing, rocking out and fam…

May 20, 2016

More on instagram:


Working on new portraits


dancer 2 hood 2016


… At my sister’s in Suffolk.

I took the cats for walk in Rendalsham Forest…




… and hanging with Loki the guard dog




Organising files on my lap top…

The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

project with The Centre of Attention.




Bronze casting




Sculpture, obstacle and protection.


Finishing film of recent performance / music / film project…!video-portraits/cxid


performer: Lee Fukke

music: Rckay Rax

camera, edit, director, producer: house of o’dwyer


… and hanging with my nephews,

Beowulf, Mercutio, Ulysses and Santiago.


the boys 2016


peace out!



#DanceOpps looking for dancers for experimental film project.. Isabella dance, trial, test and work in progress. This is not a ballet!

July 10, 2014

Dance and film project update

thanks to Isabella.

Do you dance? Get in touch to be involved with this experimental project.




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