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A letter to all you the house of o’dwyer patrons x

June 13, 2017


I was enjoying the deluge here in London, but it did go on far for too long!




Drawing and painting




+ Editing novel and writing lyrics

Crouch down

bent double

over the counter

blunt force trauma

fill the empty interior

shut me up,

shut me down

manage the beast

stop the hysteria,

work for the tongue

roughly speaking

worship and adore

under the weather,

Come in my eye

post traumatic stress disorder

Let me go

out patient

I can suck at it myself

taste the meat

feel the heat…


Organising next Dalston Ballet show




Still vegan: Chocolate Tart perfected. Next Tiffin.




Doing air bnb




Loved Alien Covenant




… and in love with this tile




Still decorating the new house




and off to venice with Ariella and Qila.




AND rejections. But we don’t talk about that!

p.s. Couldn’t vote





What the f*^% happened to me! Hackney Wick!

May 30, 2017


Pruning roses, making vegetable stock, building structures with bamboo ! Whaaaaat?


Sexy young man working on laptop lying on the bed

Recently i had to move, and ended up with a little house in hackney wick. It has a garden, parking and a spare room. My mother designed the garden 10 years ago. Its real pretty with Japanese maples, roses and a cute Summer house / cabin.

It is not a shed!

However, i can not for the life of me find a housemate! And i can’t afford not to have one. My friend MD suggested Airbnb, and Wow! It’s all gone amazingly well.



Three were booked for my spare room. 4 turned up. The summer house became a beautiful cabin with double bed, shelves and storage.

It is not a shed.

Everyone was happy, i think!

Now i rent out the spare room and the cabin to some really lovely people. All are allowed free roam of the main house of course.

All the doors in the road are black. I had to go pink!



That’s the garden and cabin, which is now also pink.

Feels like my financial woes are over. For now. In getting the house ready for guests, i have become addicted to Amazon Prime.

First it was important things i needed immediately. Mattresses, quilts, antique indian bowls… they would arrive the next day.

Now it’s lampshades handmade from kimono silk, lace effect waterproof table cloths, jewel like drawer handles, cherub sculptures… !




Vegan Update:

Yes i am still vegan, although there was an incident with a slab of mature cheddar and an anchovy!



Off to my favourite city Venice in two weeks, with two amazing new friends from the Dalston Ballet crew. Gonna check out the biennale, do a bit of dancing and filming, and drink Campari from dawn til dusk! Heaven.

This is from a recent performance with the lovely qila and ariella, those friends i mentioned!




There was something else… Oh yes. For the first time in 2 months i’m back to writing and painting.

New song for Dalston Ballet coming soon!

Exhibition of portraits also coming soon…

Gar x



75 days a vegan! Recipes and research.

December 29, 2016




New Vegan Recipe (for me) VEGAN PIZZA

Asparagus, spinach, walnuts, mushroom, olives, wild garlic, passata, black pepper, tiny bit of chilli, soya cheese with caramalized onion!

Calling it Forest Fantasy! So absolutely delicious.

Eating a lot of hummus, olives and candied nuts and crackers.

but also stir fry veg thai style and mixed bean chilli, rice and pasta and indian curry  sauces.

Vegan treats!

Marzipan fruits

Malbec (most)

Ginger Nut Biscuits

Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp Chocolates






Gar’s Vegan diet challenge week 4! + Guess the Vegan!

November 11, 2016

28 days!

Two fails this week! I had some chedder crakers  by ‘mistake’. Then marzipan dark chocolates appeared in the cupboard. Who new marzipan had milk in!

Someone made me lasagne and I had to say no. Felt petty. As I have gone from meat eater to vegan in one go people are pretty confused.

It took two weeks to find all the ingredients for making an animal free chocolate tarte.  Corn flour being the most elusive!

On the menu this week:

Animal free chilli, with quiniua, and with rice. Hummus and crackers. Wine. Veg pot thing. Olives. Chocolate fruit and nuts. Bol Japanese salad. Oreos. Animal free samosa. Veg quarter pounder sandwich. Edamame bean salad. Homemade vegetable curry. Camden town brewery larger.

Who is the Vegan?



Currently craving cake and bac0n, but only when i see it in the shop.

Off now to make my first tarte!

‘Til next time x


WEEK 3 of Gar’s Vegan Challenge!

November 8, 2016


Hey! Still going, partly due to this chedder cheese looky likey!





Still having Oreos for breakfast.

And for snacks I’m still having

  • Dried fruit and nuts covered in animal free chocolate
  • Hummus
  • Crackers
  • And olives. A lot of olives.

Really missing my brioche in the morning though!


THURSDAY writing class / dalston ballet workshop

  • Animal free homemade animal free Curry. Again.
  • Lemon and coriander hummus!
  • Larger (in a can. I’m assuming animal free.)


Thinking: Why am i doing this? The Environment?




FRIDAY work / studio

  • Made animal free chilli again. no onion. Was ok though.


Because i’m having a mid life crisis?


SATURDAY  work / work   late

  • ? no idea, memory, record, data … but it was animal free.


To prevent cruelty?


SUNDAY  work / work


mango mange tout.jpg


  • Marks and Spencer mango and mange tout salad.
  • Tesco meat free quarterpounder between bread with ketchup and french mustard. AMAZING!

I’m hoping all this helps with ideas and possibilities for you to have an animal free diet.


MONDAY work / work

  • Catalan bean casserole from Sainsbury’s
  • Crakers
  • Pale Ale

I found some dark chocolate and marzipan in the cupboard. My flatmate’s. The marzipan contains animal product?! Milk. Devastated!


TUESDAY (DAY 20 Yay!)  work / studio


  • Crudities with beetroot vinaigrette



  • Home made Vegan Chilli (with kidney beans, roast sweet potato, kidney beans with quinoa) based on Jamie Oliver recipe. (Not sure what that white stuff is?)
  • Falafel and hummus


WHY be vegan? Because i need to be the centre of attention at all dinner parties?!



  • Edema bean salad.
  • Animal free Muffin. (thats me!)
  • Animal Free Homemade Chilli (as above and for the next 2 days?!


THINKING: Haven’t been to a dinner party in 5 years !


The Vegan Challenge continues!

‘Til next week!

Gar x


PT 2 Being Vegan… the second week …how did it go?

October 28, 2016


WEEK 2 of being Vegan

I was expecting epic fail but it has honestly not been that difficult.

Then I haven’t been out to dinner anywhere!




Coffee with soya milk. Not keen on Almond milk.


Wine (various) – Assuming it’s all animal free!

Various animal free crackers

Animal free plain Chocolate with dried tropical fruit and nuts

Indian tea


All of the above are pretty much a given everyday at the moment. Not sure how healthy this is but it keeps me going.


THURSDAY – working

Butternut squash risotto (tesco)

Avocado & Houmous dip (delphi)


FRIDAY – Performance at Chisenhale Dance

Wine and Pale Ale.




Sri Lankan Lentil Sambar (BOL).

The rest of the Avocado & Hummus dip (delphi).



A girl i met advised Chedder style animal free cheese (Coconut based) with onion chutney (Freeform). Surprisingly delicious and stops my need for cheese. Amazing!

Whiskey sour cocktail.

Sri Lankan lentil samba (BOL) again.

Lemon & coriandar hummus (tesco)

Sweet potato fries (tesco) – sokay not great. But then i did burn them!


SUNDAY – work




Olives and crackers for lunch.

An attempt at home made Vegan Chilli turned into a pasta sauce (?) / accompaniment!

Baked sweet potato, with cinnamon, cumin, paprika, black pepper, italian herbs. Never prepared or cooked sweet potato before. Delicious.

Animal free pasta, with courgette, onion, garlic, peppers, chilli, passata, grated animal free chedder coconut cheese !

So delicious! So not worried about cheese cravings any more.


MON – work


Same as yesterday. Animal free chilli pasta sauce.

I made so much of it!


TUESDAY – work

AND SAME AGAIN ! I really did make a huge amount. And it tasted great.

Hummus and crackers too.


WEDNESDAY – at the studio

More olives.

Chick pea salad (Tesco)

Home made curry with courgette, roasted butternut squash, mushroom, peas, tofu, fresh chilli, garlic, spices and coconut milk, with quinoa.


My first time cooking with coconut milk.

A bit disapointing but i may have not added enough curry powder. I did make enough for 4 – 5 days, if my flat mate don’t want any !

Freeform Chedder cheese looky-likey  … loving that!


Oh my days! Two weeks animal free diet! Can’t believe it!

The long road to Veganism has been achieved !

Next stop…

Vegan shoes…

… and week 3 !




I do like a clog!



The long road to VEGANISM tout suite: the first 7 days… by Garance from Dalston Ballet Co. Will I be able to make it? #vegan

October 20, 2016




I’m gonna try to be vegan. I am probably gonna fail. Daily. But I will keep at it. WHY?

Do I really need animal products to survive?

The way we organise our animal food supplies is not gonna help the planet,

And also I’ve just gone off the idea of meat. Partly it is the thought of the cruelty in animal food production. And partly its just not necassary

Then there is the hormones, anti-biotics, and other contaminants.

I have concluded that he environment and all of us in it will suffer if we don’t reduce our meat consumption.

The big problem though is dairy. I don’t like dairy. I LOVE it! Cheese, milk, butter… However I don’t NEED it. Maybe i’ll have it as a special treat, on my birthday.

I haven’t done any research really but i just discovered Oreos are vegan. That means my breakfast is sorted. i can swop my choc chip cookie or brioche for an Oreo. I have had soya milk in coffee for years, and i don’t add milk to tea. 

So that gets me through the first part of the day. I will have to do with the amount of sugar in my diet further down the line. 

DAY 1 (Thurs): Work / Storytelling class

Coffee, ALMOND MILK, an OREO or two for breakfast.

Butternut squash risotto, wine, plain chocolate, dried tropical fruit, raisins, and nuts (cashews, pecans, walnuts etc.)

DAY 2 (Fri): Dalston Ballet Performance at Ace Hotel.

Coffee and Oreos.

Vodka tonic, beer, vegan PIZZA,

Plain choc, dried fruit, nuts, champagne.

DAY 3: (Sat) Work

Coffee, Oreo,

BOL Japanese Salad

Aubergine dip, crackers,

house of o’dwyer Mango Iced Tea,

Pale ale, olives, wine.

DAY 4: (Sun) Cinema / Work

Coffee, Oreo, tea, freeform cake,

Olives, crackers, Aubergine dip, toast (?)

Choc nuts and fruit.

DAY 5: (Mon) Work


Aubergine dip, olives, crackers,

Jamie Oliver’s Vegan Chilli, (sweet potato, cannellini beans, peppers, cinamonon, cumin etc) with Quinoa. Delicious

Choc fruit and nuts. Wine. also delicious

DAY 6: (Tues) Work

Coffee, ginger nuts,


Vegan Chilli, crackers,


Choc fruit & nuts, wine.

Day 7: (Wed) Work

Coffee with Almond milk, Oreo,

Potato salad, crackers

Vegan chilli with quinoa,

Home made choc fruit and nuts.


I did a week! Can not believe I made it 7 days ! 7 days with no cheese !


Week 2 here I come!


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