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Work on headdress continues #curatorial #art #history #fashion and #disturbing

December 30, 2016


Investigating the weird, beautiful and fabulous world of the turban.

My collection of headdress in action.

Captured, fabricated, found images…










wtf !?





Artists at @notwgallery this Friday Preview 6-8

April 23, 2013


exhibition expands to Enclave Gallery with a further 6 artists:
Intensive Care (part2)
Harold Offeh
Chris Rawcliffe,
Eileen Perrier,
Denise Hawrysio,
James Robertson,
Steven Morgana

Intensive Care (part1)


Sam Curtis,

Rose Gibbs,

Richard Parry,

Esther Planas,

Markus Vater,

Stephen Wilson




Very Post Contemporary…

December 23, 2012

Feeling very anti Romantic, very Post Contemporary, repelled by the white sterile faux objective sinister clinical white art cave!

So write Screenplays, Short stories, Poetry, Front a new band [Fracking]

Photograph, Shoot images, Edit, draw and paint, Artist and Curator statements, Exhibit

(see if u can find me?!)

Application Application Application… Also also also… working on a new series of ‘light sculptures’

This one is installed at the news of the world gallery in Deptford London

Functional and beautiful…

and with the kinetic sculpture the ‘Rocking Machine’ by Herman Makkink

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