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Halloween Tarot part 3 (Artist’s Studio) by Dalston Ballet #messingwityourmangoes

November 28, 2017

Dalston Ballet



Thanks to all the musicians, performers, dancers and the behind the scenes folk.

Rckay Rax – Yumi Hara – Alvin Jedus

Linda Hogg – Qila Gill – Marianne Hyatt

Sadiq Ali – Tasmine Airey – Manon Aquilina

Liam Liam – Gar O’Dwyer

produced by:

& The Centre of Attention





Principessa by @DalstonBallet at Miranda, Ace Hotel. Performer Alvin J. Hansen / Music Rckay Rax / #housofodwyer #art #curatorial #dance #hood

October 27, 2016



Part of a series of live performance art dance works devised by Dalston Ballet with the house of o’dwyer.




You can see our visiting associate artists programme here


Principessa by Dalston Ballet at Miranda, Ace Hotel.

Performer Alvin J. Hansen

Music Rckay Rax

Choreographer / Costume / Concept –

lighting / stage manager / admin – Garance

#hood #art #curatorial #dance





Dark Lord performed by Kam Wan, music Rckay Rax, for Dalston Ballet Co.

October 19, 2016



Just a little documentation from Miranda, Ace Hotel, Shoreditch,

London, Friday 14th of Oct 2016





Dalston Ballet, Centre of Attention, and thank u 4 comin 2 New Art Projects, 2 c Action Pulpeuse 5

October 7, 2016


NOW… Join us on Friday 14th October at

Miranda, Ace Hotel, Shoreditch, London,

for our next show / installation / performance,

another collision of Art, music, dance, costume,

painting, live art, filmography, harps and probably

gratuitous nudity!


The Princess / Principessa with Alvin Jedus Hansen

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Thank you so much for your incredible support.


7 for 7.30pm (by the Centre of Attention)

For Action Pulpeuse 5, at New Art Projects, London


JOIN US HERE for 14th October







#NuWerk #LiveArt + #CutUpSound + #VideoArt from @DalstonBallet with @Jocork @madenergygroup @houseofodwyer

March 31, 2016



1st of a series of performance solos


from the Dalston Ballet Company




thanks to

Jo Cork

House of O’Dwyer


Ritter / Zamet Gallery

For more on the project visit the website:!video-portraits/cxid

coming soon: the Prince

miles as prince dbc 16












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