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#artforsale works on paper framed. To raise funds for @dalstonballet Check it over on ebay. #curatorial #collecting #commissions

February 1, 2018

Great books, fun bags (sounds rude!) and unique art for sale on ebay from the house of o’dwyer

See if there is something you’d like

to raise money for the Dalston Ballet Co.



recent installation by for vfd n16 7xb

July 28, 2017

queer portraits bi the curious house of o’dwyer


thanks for coming


#hood April in Rendelsham forest, portraits, cats, dogs, sculpture, dancing, rocking out and fam…

May 20, 2016

More on instagram:


Working on new portraits


dancer 2 hood 2016


… At my sister’s in Suffolk.

I took the cats for walk in Rendalsham Forest…




… and hanging with Loki the guard dog




Organising files on my lap top…

The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

project with The Centre of Attention.




Bronze casting




Sculpture, obstacle and protection.


Finishing film of recent performance / music / film project…!video-portraits/cxid


performer: Lee Fukke

music: Rckay Rax

camera, edit, director, producer: house of o’dwyer


… and hanging with my nephews,

Beowulf, Mercutio, Ulysses and Santiago.


the boys 2016


peace out!



Dance, Drawing, TV, Curating and Theory… check out my current culture top 5… #houseofodwyer

April 13, 2016

Filling me with awe, jealousy, inspiration and doubt…

My current Culture top 5


1. Dance company: Club Guy & Roni

Inspiring live performance…


2. Portrait project by hood:


Traditional and contemporary. See more…!portrait/c1iec


3. The Durrells TV drama

Adorable period drama set on Corfu


4. From the archive… The Miracle of Limerick


The Miracle of Limerick by The Centre of Attention for EVA International curated by Katerina Gregos a couple of years back.

Portrait of Stella by Charles Jervas and its miracle giving history…


5. Modernism and the Gay









#PostContemporary #PortraitPainting. What would it look like? #HouseOfOdwyer

November 6, 2014

Life moves between the Studio in Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, Dance Studios in East London and the Editing Suite in Stamford Hill. The days of International Travel have gone! The Jet Set life replaced by Life in the Bus Lane.

Working on a new group of paintings, part of my Portrait of Performers, including portrait of amazing Performance Artist Missa Blue.

Missa Blue14

Work continues on a dance for film project with dancers, Performers, Musicians and Composers.

Also Curating a show of Live performance and Artists Films at an eccentric venue in Hackney.



Portrait of Moreno Solinas… finished in the Dalston studio.

May 29, 2014

painting > function > redundant >

panel > decoration > portrayal >

a ghost > a prayer > a spell >

2014-05-16 19.33.21

Moreno is a dancer / performer working in London


The portrait of Pierre comes to life! #Ricardo #theCastleofOtranto #Gothic #Symbolism #Decadence #Pygmalion #DorianGray

August 10, 2013

Le Belle et la Bete, Ghostbusters 2, Frida, The Stendhal Syndrome,  Night at the Museum, Harry Potter…  – Films where paintings come to life. Any more? What about books or poems?

My  painting, Portrait of Pierre, has been used for the cover of a novel by Italian author Federico Sabatini. The portrait was then brought to life by artist Mauro F Cardinali… for a performance in Italy.

The animated portrait sings and plays guitar.

What would the portraits below do if they came to life, I wonder?


In the studio… Portrait Painting Series continues… commissions accepted

July 5, 2013

Portrait of X

Portait of X

by the house of o’dwyer


acrylic on canvas

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