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Works on paper by the house of o’dwyer Portraits, masks, self. Show opens in July at Vogue Fabrics, Kingsland High St.

May 23, 2017





Portrait of an orange 2016 



The ones i keep going back to…



portrait girl  / 2016



Guy with Green Hair  / 2016



Nefertiti 2015 



Green Gloves / 2017


Gar @ houseofodwyer . com


The character of the heads of the so called kings and queens… #arthistory #chartres

May 4, 2017


‘… These heads seem to me to show a new stage in the ascent of western man[kind]. Indeed I believe that this refinement, this look of selfless detachment, and spirituality is something entirely new in art. Beside them the Gods and Heroes of Ancient Greece look arrogant, soulless, even slightly brutal.


‘I fancy that the faces that look out at us from the past are, perhaps, the surest indication we have of the meaning of an epoch.’


And the faces on the westside of Chartres Cathedral are amongst the most sincere and the most aristocratic that western Europe has ever produced.’

thanks to Baron Clark and Civilisation




3 things about #me #curatorial #collector #hood 1. Most pop posts on Instagram #instadaily #urban #safari #menagerie #photography 2. #Exhibition ends Sunday #drawing #Art #worksonpaper #gallery #portrait 3. Collab with #MilesCoote & #Bareback #Museum #performanceArt #dance #liveArt

August 13, 2016


3 things




1 –

Most popular post on Instagram was portrait of #MilesCoote (below)

but now is Pig and Bear (above) from the Urban Safari Menagerie Series






2 –


Exhibition including my work at Lubomirov / Angus Hughes Gallery ends Sunday


details here:






3 –


New collaboration between Dalston Ballet Company with Bareback Museum and Miles Coote

Join us for filming at Charing Cross Hospital.



miles bareback york 1



#Artist #belshamSt #collector

 #curatorial #dance #e9

#filmmaker #hood #performanceArt

#painter #photography #portrait

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Currently showing work at Lubomirov / Angus Hughes Gallery. details: #houseofodwyer #hood #portraiture #21stC #art #idontlooklikethat #worksonpaper

July 29, 2016



Guy 7  (drawing / portrait studies series) 2016


Working on this Portrait studies series (mixed media on ruled paper) 2015 – ongoing

Exploring concepts around portraiture, masquerade, persona, self, identity,  masks, dramaturgy, subject, object, tradition and innovation, aesthetics, the post-contemporary.

As always my painting related work is a product of an interrogation of art, painting, psychology, beauty and philosophy.

See more here and details of Lubomirov / Angus Hughes exhibition in Clapton, London:


#Fruit&Veg Nu drawing series by the #houseofodwyer #Art4ArtSake #cloisonnism #postContemporary #hood

July 26, 2016

The house of o’dwyer has been working on a number of things in the Belsham St. studio, in Hackney, including an exciting new drawing / works on paper series.

They respond to and combine ideas around still life, cloisonnism, art as a decorative panel, the psychodrama of the spatiality and proximity of bodies.

The works also result from a reflection on ideas of landscape art, abstraction but also performance, transience, imperfection.

nothing is perfect, nothing is permanent, nothing is complete…




Still life landscape  (2016)   Fruit & Veg series



Framed  £400 /  € 477.94 (474.64) / $ 524.54 / (526.46)

price Up in euros & Down in dollars


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more here:




Regardez! Recent portraits of Emile and Evie from the house of o’dwyer (works on paper)

July 4, 2016

In the Belsham St. studio




Evie (Scarlet)  2016





Emile (Red)  2016


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Dance for camera series with the ‘Prince’ #houseofodwyer

December 9, 2014



prince solitary being

mise en scene

dance archetype youth



this week

September 27, 2012

FILM: When i got back to london … to be continued … pt.4

CURATING: notwgallery & ???

PAINTING: portraits

WRITING: on god and dance and pinker

MEETINGS: exciting

DRAWING: knobs and knockers

PHOTOGRAPHY: new series – glass nature fake

COLLATING: photos/video from Ludski nite

make April Ashley a dame!

July 6, 2012

portrait of April Ashley


the house of o’dwyer


(acrylic on canvas)


part of the h o o painting portrait series



February 7, 2012

latest painting off to competiton…

Title: Marco d’Oggiono at Dalston Superstore with Josh (Acrylic on fabric) 2012

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