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Sat 18th May Dalston Ballet Vout o Reenees Aldgate London 8pm

May 13, 2019

Vout -O-Reenees is a wonderful member’s club, in the tradition and style of an old fashioned Soho drinking den. Hosted by founder Sophie Parkin, Dalston Ballet has been employed as its resident performance art company.

To celebrate 5 year anniversary they are throwing a party for the members only at which Dalston Ballet will be performing.

If you cant make that then: Sataurday 25th of May, Dalston Ballet will be performing at Rio Cinema as part of ‘At home with the Ludskis.’ Tickets and more info >

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For the reader? Spoken word? Performance art? Can a poem be all three? #DalsonBallet

August 11, 2018


house of o’dwyer for Dalston Ballet



Crouch down

bent double

over the counter


blunt force trauma

fill the empty interior

shut me up


shut me down

manage the beast

stop the hysteria


work for the tongue

roughly speaking

worship and adore


under the weather

come in my eye

post traumatic stress disorder


let me go

out patient

I can suck at it myself


taste the meat

feel the heat

down I come


enjoy the ache

Medicate me

choke on me



i don’t need anyone

the taste of it


he’s back, for more

I can’t take all of it

split in two


brain on the floor

rub my face in it

fight me for it


ride me home

teach me what

my mouth is for





Is ‘may day mayday’ #flashfiction , v short story or old fashioned poem #mayday #wip #garodwyer #writing

June 6, 2018

may day may day


I saved a bee from drowning

On the paving stones, vintage

reproduction slabs, I had

just been brushing with water.

I slid some plastic, notes on plant care

underneath and extracted it from death

I could feel its buzz, through the plastic

a gentle engine

I placed it in a rose bush and soon dry again

the little fluffy thing flew off.

The humanity of the bee, struggling, working,

fluffy with a sting, industrious, unthinking

mining flowers, beauty unaware,

the humanity of the bee

gentle engine

stung me.



from    A Year in Hackney Wick   by    Gar O’Dwyer


In London on 5th July? Join me and 11 other writers reading from their new novels. #anudesprogress #garodwyer

May 13, 2018


New faces. New literature. New novels.




More here >

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I need talent! I mean collaborators (rude!) to put words to music & to sing / perform 4 @DalstonBallet project #hood #artopps

December 31, 2016


Please get in touch, send me a link here: dalstonballet @ or

post something here:

if you would like to collaborate.

I will spend new year’s eve awaiting responses it means so much to me.


Lyrics by #hood


Wandering Star


Wandering star…

I never talk about my bad traits,

glamour from a Gilda age

jewel personalities,

London calling

mix and match of the day

beyond the beach,

Switzerland without skis

the demolition man,

unsteady odyssey

street of shame

human capital

every breath you take defensive

behaviour odd to ominous,

not just another maestro

an artist finds his groove,

folk of ages

avant-garde explosion,

pay up, pay up and play the game

let the field of the mind fall fallow

please hang up and try again.


here’s to future collaborations.

Have a good one!




From a writing, art and poetry project a couple of years ago looking at poetry, relevance and current affairs

June 14, 2016

Post contemporary poetry from the

hood 2016 sig



Wandering star



I never talk about my bad traits, glamour from a Gilda age

jewel personalities, London calling

mix and match of the day

beyond the beach, Switzerland without skis

the demolition man, unsteady odyssey street of shame

human capital every breath you take defensive

behaviour odd to ominous, not just another maestro

an artist finds his groove, folk of ages

avant-garde explosion, pay up, pay up and play the game

let the field of the mind fall fallow

please hang up and try again.


more here!poetry/c1ukx


house of o’dwyer

Exhibition / Filmography / Publications

September 13, 2013








Exhibition / Filmography as the house of o’dwyer


When i got back to London (part 11) Vienna



When I got back to London (part10) Corsica  15 min

S1 Art Space / Sheffield Fringe Festival UK (14th June 2012)


‘Tabula’  by the centre of Attention

At Home with the Ludskis: (edition 4) May Parade


‘Copy Wrong’     (film/ performance/ talk)   for

Reality Manifestos or can dialectics break bricks?

Kunsthalle Exnergasse (Vienna)


– ‘The pavilion of post-contemporary Curating’  (film)  screening  ‘At Home with the Ludskis’   Rio Cinema, London.


– ‘house of o’dwyer : Death Journey’

‘At Home with the Ludskis’   London

– ‘Press Conference’

The Quad Gallery, Derby, UK –

The Pavilion of Post contemporary Curating, a semi staged total artwork

Momento Difícil
  a programme curated by the Centre of Attention for ResoVision,

Resonance104.4fm‘s four-day television channel live from Frieze art fair with: House of o’dwyer


– Action Diana   John Moores University Gallery Liverpool

– Manchester Cornerhouse   Screening: Action Diana

– A.N.D festival. FACT Liverpool

– Cabaret Voltaire.  Zurich.  Screening of The Centre of Attention Magazine.

– Recontres Internationales Paris Berlin Madrid  Museum Reina Sofia curated by Nathalie Henon and  Jean-Francois Rettig


– Production meeting 3 (Berlin) Ard Bia Berlin

– The Centre of Attention Magazine no.4  CCA Glasgow, Les Abattoirs Toulouse,

– The Centre of Attention Magazine 4 Publish and be Damned Fair London.


– Swansong Venice Biennale Always a little further curated by Rosa Martinez. Italy

– Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool


Exhibitions as The House of O’Dwyer (photography, painting,moving image)


At Home with the Ludskis: Voyage and Return

Book Cover for Novel by Federico Sabitini

Photofusion Salon


Sheffield Doc Fringe Festival

At home with the Ludskis: May Parade

At home with the Ludskis: Winter Garden

2011  At home with the Ludskis: Autumn Equinox

At home with the Ludskis: Housewarming


Dalston Underground studios ‘Boys club,’ Hackney

2009    /

Free Art Fair, Barbican, London

Action Diana John Moores University Gallery Liverpool

2008   /

Free Art Fair, London

2007  /

The Centre of Attention Magazine no.4 CCA Book Fair, Glasgow

Free Art Fair, London

Tank TV

Production Meeting Intermedia CCA, Glasgow

The Centre of Attention Magazine no.4 Les Abattoirs, Toulouse

The Centre of Attention Magazine no.4 Publish and be Damned Fair, London

Slow Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth

2006  /  Venice-Istanbul Istanbul Modern, Turkey

The Truth about Susan Gescheidle Gescheidle Gallery, Chicago

City mined, UCL, London

Water Sartorial Contemporary, London

Everything Must Go VTO, London

Kaleidoscope Whitechapel Art Gallery, London

2005  /  Lovely Shanghai Music, John Armleder curated exhibition

Imagine a World… Amnesty International, Bargehouse, London

Pilot: 2 London

Jumoku no Eishaya Toyota museum

Always a little further, Venice Biennale, curated by Rosa Martinez

Take 291, 291, London

Artificial Life, Aspex Gallery Portsmouth

Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool

2004  /  Dalston Underground London

Inhibition Standpoint Gallery London

Do Something Floating ip Manchester

Masks and Microphones, Centre of Attention Gallery London (solo show)  ibid gallery London     

network book for urban p/arts published by Citymined, London

Depression Parking & Atbin Gallery Tehran

2003  /  Arty-tecture Transition London

Wiebke Morgan London (solo show)

Don’t you forget about me Studio Voltaire London

Living with art: Roger Evans Rivington Gallery London

2002  /  Dalston Underground Group show

Arty Magazine art reviews published

Beauty’s where you find it Gallery, London

Majority Rules, Free Gallery Glasgow

Window Gallery London

Prenelle Gallery London

Deptford X, London

Hoxton Jubilee, London

The Green Room, London (screening)

Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin

2001  /  Animal Artsway Dorset

Centre of Attention Magazine No. 2 Galapagos Gallery, New York (screening)

Group show PHOTOMONTH 2001 London

Evolution Leeds International Film Festival

everyoneisanartist Gallery Voltaire London

Record Collection VTO Gallery London

Pandaemonium Biennial Festival of Moving Images Lux Gallery London

2000  / 5th British Telecom Contemporary Art Show London

Group Show Stuff Gallery London

Film Screening, 291 Gallery London

1999   / Tomorrow Belongs to me Centre of Attention Gallery London (solo show)

Degenerate Art, The Bean, London (solo show)

1997  / Bizzart Bloomsbury Theatre London (performance)

Exploding Cinema London (screening)

1996  /  Volcano Film Festival, London (screening)

Tinsel and Glitter Present [SIC],  Candid Café, Kings Head… Curated performance and screenings

Psychopoetica; Presence Poetry published

Exploding Cinema Brighton (screening)

Curator:  News of the World (@NOTWgallery):


June – Stefan Hoderlein: A walk in the park

March – May  Intensive Care or Why so Urgent: Grop show

Jan – Feb  ‘serial attempts’ curated by Christine Eyene

2012   /   Oct – Dec   Herman Makinki

Aug – Oct   Jeu de Marseille exhibition/performance

June – Sept  Inaugural show: Angel Vegara – Diptych: Berlusconi Pasolini

Experiment with words…

August 15, 2013

It really is good to talk

Hitsville revisited, I hate not winning, Jean genius, the first lady effect, beautiful minds, the long and short of it, the volcano express, on the trail of cider house jewels, fellowship of the ring, project parenthood, eye on the ball, decline and fall, from here to Wigan Pier, Russian retreat, Revolutionary road, Afghan destines, fly across to a better word, the blasted heath, landscape with visions of… On the verge of meltdown, from Bollywood to big bang, shared passions, barbarisms at the gates, it’s all about presence, a brief cabin encounter.

the house of o’dwyer





in search of the exquisite… photography + words, House of O’Dwyer Blog, Art for Art’s sake

August 9, 2013

flower vien 08

The Mary Rose rises again

A holiday master stroke, Burke and Sons,

for old times sake, room for greatness,

secrets and lies.

A farewell to Africa, from pump to Putin,

the Devil inside…

Pyongyang attacks: Intimations of mortality,

a Picasso for the Facebook age, ring without the bling.

No calm before the 1914 storm,

out of the blue,

in the search of the new Jerusalem,

the taxing business of forgery.

Shall I compare thee to a walk in Central Park,

the quest of a lifetime,

in search of sunshine.

the house of o’dwyer

A few words from Curator Granny Ludski, before her happening/ event this week at Rio Cinema in Dalston London E8

July 23, 2013

Babushka Ludski

I am a curator
the Mother of the C-generation
Ich bin ein Kurator
I am Granny Ludski
Listen up! As a Curator who sees curating as Art, I have dedicatied, no, devoted myself to curate / programme / produce / fabulate my unique contribution to the International Art World:
‘At Home with the Ludskis’
This is an exhibition/ event / screening / opening / happening /evening made up of between 20-30 Artists work including film, performance, music, installation, plastic art & so much more. The Art and content for my Ludski Nite is different each time creating a unreapetable  experience for the viewer. To this end I have set myself to scour the surface of this planet, looking, listening, seeking, thinking …
     Im looking for the most interesting, experimental work /ideas/ gestures being attempted/ created, past/ present. This includes experimental video (Cory Arcangel), Avant garde film (Merideth Monk, Kenneth Anger), live performance & films of…

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