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3 things about #me #curatorial #collector #hood 1. Most pop posts on Instagram #instadaily #urban #safari #menagerie #photography 2. #Exhibition ends Sunday #drawing #Art #worksonpaper #gallery #portrait 3. Collab with #MilesCoote & #Bareback #Museum #performanceArt #dance #liveArt

August 13, 2016


3 things




1 –

Most popular post on Instagram was portrait of #MilesCoote (below)

but now is Pig and Bear (above) from the Urban Safari Menagerie Series






2 –


Exhibition including my work at Lubomirov / Angus Hughes Gallery ends Sunday


details here:






3 –


New collaboration between Dalston Ballet Company with Bareback Museum and Miles Coote

Join us for filming at Charing Cross Hospital.



miles bareback york 1



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Which photographic series do you prefer and why? Dream of the Red Room or Urban Safari? #hood

July 20, 2016






Frida Guerrillia Girl

From the Red Room Series



Dream of the Red Room

‘…Perception coloured. A miasma. Seeing red.

Glamour, danger, anger, horror,

terror, hot, erotic.

A single point of view. A containment. A curse.

Scenes preserved in amber aspic.

A stain. A brothel. Theatrics.

Delusion. Objectivity prevented.

Passion blinding, distortion, reality.

The desire. The pursuit. The capture.

Trapped mentality, disorientating. A glass bell …’

The photographs in this series by hood, are an attempt on one level to replicate the delight of a child looking at the world through the coloured glass of a perfume bottle found on mother’s dressing table.

Or looking at the world through a translucent coloured sweet wrapper.

The filter exists as both a medium in which to preserve and trap images. It is also a barrier to reality.

Back in the day, in horror films, to signify the monster’s point of view the scene could be shot with a red filter and a hand held camera.

The Dream of the Red Room is a series that reflects on and represents distorted perception, strong emotion and the flight from reality.

More about the series here:


cock ny

Cock, New York: Urban Safari Menagerie Series

Started in 1999 this photographic series is tasked with recording representations of animals in the urban environment.

Seek, travel, hunt, collect…

What are you looking for? What do u need? Are you in a magic realm?

What do these representations of animals mean?

Is it a secret langauge? Are they magic totems? A pagan repression? Do they ward off evil?

Is it a love of the natural world? Is it a game? Is it…


More about the series here:


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.











My favourite Art Project…

April 24, 2012

 …at the moment

New York (Monkey)


London (Lamb)

Vienna (shell)


London (Gorilla)


all photographs

from the

h o u s e   o f   o ‘ d w y e r   series

M e n a n g e r i e  –  U r b a n   S a f a r i


Murcia (shell)

New York (Cock)

Liverpool (Liver bird)


Brussels (Lobster)


London (Lobster)

Frankfurt (swan)

Oxford (Swan)

Murcia (Ant)



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