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tiny taster of Dalston Ballet v Sketch with Mayfair Tarot #dancearoundtheworld

April 30, 2018

Dalston Ballet with Visiting Associate Artists

 Rckay – Michelle – Qila B – Jasmin – Jordan

Sue – Aiden – Marianne – Alice – house of o’dwyer

Director – Gar



researching chemical castration for Alan Turing performance with Dalston Ballet … coming soon [?!]

April 27, 2018





See Dalston Ballet … if u wanna… London friday 17th 8pm Vouts

November 13, 2017


do u wanna?




s’all coming together 4 #dalstonballet #live fri 7th april #joydissent hackney showroom london #art #lallies #music #theatre #performance #dance

April 5, 2017

So very excited to be putting on this production of 12, yes 12! wonderful artists, musicians, dancers, performers, singers from such a wide range of disciplines, ethnicities, ages, sexualities and … >




join the masquerade






‘Le Cage Aux Fight’ with #WanderingStar sung by #YumiHara Could it be a No1 #Hit ? Very latest from @DalstonBallet

January 19, 2017




Dalston Ballet Visiting Associate Artists / Performers:

Lee, Kam, Alvin, Thom, Malik and Ludo.


Music and Voice:

Yumi Hara


Words / Art direction:

house of o’dwyer


Concept, costume, content:

Dalston Ballet


1 / 2017



See @DalstonBallet : camera concept cut @houseofodwyer, performer Kam Wan. first video 2017 #art #curious #masquerade #performance

January 5, 2017



And first gig of the year 14th Jan.

Where ? Here >

join us


ALSO Dalston Ballet seeks female performers.

Send links

dalstonballet @ gmail . com

Happy new year and all the best

Gar x



More lost and found: At Home with the Ludskis No. 4 programme…

December 30, 2016


Click to access ludskimayprog.pdf


Keep in the loop here:



DADA lyrics by the house of o’dwyer take on nu life, set 2 music & performed by Yumi Hara in concert in Osaka Japan!

October 24, 2016


21 Oct Osaka FUTURO Yumi Hara solo (Hammond, harp, vo)




How best to commemerate 100 years of DADA, than have my own dada lyrics sung by the amazing Yumi Hara (of cult group Artaud Beats) on a purple electronic Harp, my favourite instrument! (well now it is!)

Here is how it started…  we were working with the Dalston Ballet Co. in London at Miranda, Ace Hotel, Shoreditch, London.

Yumi Hara was commisioned to sing and set the lyrics of ‘In Byron’s footsteps,’ by the house of o’dwyer, for a dance work by the Dalston Ballet Co.

Yumi Hara liked the lyrics so much she included them in her recent solo concert in Osaka, Japan. 

I felt AMAZED and OVERWHELMED! And hopefully we shall work on another track when she gets back to Clapton.





More YUMI HARA here >











If you don’t like Avant Garde Music Performance and Dance don’t come to Action Pulpeuse at New Art Projects on 4th Oct 6pm. U get me!

September 29, 2016

October is a busy month for the gang at Dalston Ballet Co. Please join us:

Action Pulpeuse is coming to New Art Projects London…. and it’s longer and wider than ever, with upwards of ten playful and provocative performances touching on language, power & the body, to punctuate your gentle wander through the gallery.

Free entry / free drink

The Centre of Attention’s ‘Seven for Seven-thirty’ marshals elements of exhibition-making to manipulate our notions of etiquette & codes of social status to create a very specific sense of occasion.

Ritter-Zamet gallery

Dalston Ballet Company: three short dance pieces featuring Rckay Rax, house of o’dwyer, Jo Cork, Lee Fukke combine experimental music, movement, light, and cut up techniques to explore ideas of beauty, art and archetype, narrative & dramaturgy.

Daniel Lehan‘s ‘I am a Square” is a sound text piece comprising words, poems and songs performed on two battery powered child’s Alphabet Desks, referencing Dada sound poetry and the artist’s own performance at Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich.

Patrizia Paolini’s character performance ‘Lalla’re’ poses the question “What’s it all about ?” (life/death ? the piece ? the event ?)

Zuza Tehanu: ‘Mire’ – Her waters spilled / Her matter embraced the ground / Her body became a mud / And from the mud back it came

Hosts Przymierska Morgan demonstrate their rigorously developed system for effective communication & invite the audience to inscribe meaning on the artist’s skin. And there’s a little something to take home with you…

:: Links:
New Art Projects
Action Pulpeuse (FB)
Dalston Ballet Company
The Centre Of Attention
Patrizia Paolini
Daniel Lehan
Zuza Tehanu
Przymierska Morgan



Making a statement: What the hell are u doing? Writing on art / curatorial / choreographic practice #DalstonBallet #houseofodwyer

June 17, 2016


I formed the Dalston Ballet Company as a work of art in itself and to be able to create work for live performance and also as moving image. We aim to work collaboratively with other Artists and attempt to combine film, movement, music, sound, choreography, in fact all art forms to create a total art work.

The project stems from an inquiry into notions of dramaturgy, theatrical and psycho-sociological, as well as construction of story and narrative.

My practice amounts to an examination of, or quest to discover the truth, beauty, the nature of humanity, and the meaning of Art all from the perspective of fairy tales, the archetypal narratives.


jo small

Witch: performed by Jo Cork for Dalston Ballet Co.



The films from the Dalston Ballet Co. also also exist as a moving image portrait series.

Work by the house of o’dwyer has been has been exhibited nationally and international including: Venice Biennale; Manifesta; Museo Reina Sofia; Modern Art Istanbul; Artists Network NY; Art Brut Wien; Milton Keynes Gallery; CCA Glasgow; Schauspielhaus Zurich.




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