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my 5 fave works on paper of 2016 #art #dance #painting #bareback #abstract #masks #fans #photography #wig #allmine #curatorial #hood #x

December 31, 2016


art for art’s sake




model: Alvin Hansen




pen portrait painting


miles bareback york 1


model: Miles Coote




model: Thom Wootton




model: Gur Piepskovitz


See you on the other side


The long road to VEGANISM tout suite: the first 7 days… by Garance from Dalston Ballet Co. Will I be able to make it? #vegan

October 20, 2016




I’m gonna try to be vegan. I am probably gonna fail. Daily. But I will keep at it. WHY?

Do I really need animal products to survive?

The way we organise our animal food supplies is not gonna help the planet,

And also I’ve just gone off the idea of meat. Partly it is the thought of the cruelty in animal food production. And partly its just not necassary

Then there is the hormones, anti-biotics, and other contaminants.

I have concluded that he environment and all of us in it will suffer if we don’t reduce our meat consumption.

The big problem though is dairy. I don’t like dairy. I LOVE it! Cheese, milk, butter… However I don’t NEED it. Maybe i’ll have it as a special treat, on my birthday.

I haven’t done any research really but i just discovered Oreos are vegan. That means my breakfast is sorted. i can swop my choc chip cookie or brioche for an Oreo. I have had soya milk in coffee for years, and i don’t add milk to tea. 

So that gets me through the first part of the day. I will have to do with the amount of sugar in my diet further down the line. 

DAY 1 (Thurs): Work / Storytelling class

Coffee, ALMOND MILK, an OREO or two for breakfast.

Butternut squash risotto, wine, plain chocolate, dried tropical fruit, raisins, and nuts (cashews, pecans, walnuts etc.)

DAY 2 (Fri): Dalston Ballet Performance at Ace Hotel.

Coffee and Oreos.

Vodka tonic, beer, vegan PIZZA,

Plain choc, dried fruit, nuts, champagne.

DAY 3: (Sat) Work

Coffee, Oreo,

BOL Japanese Salad

Aubergine dip, crackers,

house of o’dwyer Mango Iced Tea,

Pale ale, olives, wine.

DAY 4: (Sun) Cinema / Work

Coffee, Oreo, tea, freeform cake,

Olives, crackers, Aubergine dip, toast (?)

Choc nuts and fruit.

DAY 5: (Mon) Work


Aubergine dip, olives, crackers,

Jamie Oliver’s Vegan Chilli, (sweet potato, cannellini beans, peppers, cinamonon, cumin etc) with Quinoa. Delicious

Choc fruit and nuts. Wine. also delicious

DAY 6: (Tues) Work

Coffee, ginger nuts,


Vegan Chilli, crackers,


Choc fruit & nuts, wine.

Day 7: (Wed) Work

Coffee with Almond milk, Oreo,

Potato salad, crackers

Vegan chilli with quinoa,

Home made choc fruit and nuts.


I did a week! Can not believe I made it 7 days ! 7 days with no cheese !


Week 2 here I come!


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