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X Writing Quotes A – Z: ‘If, while observing the boundless universe, the writer is able to scrutinise his own self as well as others…

June 10, 2018


… the resulting incisiveness of his observations will far surpass objective descriptions of reality.’


Gao Xingjian




Writing Quotes A – Z




Work on headdress continues #curatorial #art #history #fashion and #disturbing

December 30, 2016


Investigating the weird, beautiful and fabulous world of the turban.

My collection of headdress in action.

Captured, fabricated, found images…










wtf !?





75 days a vegan! Recipes and research.

December 29, 2016




New Vegan Recipe (for me) VEGAN PIZZA

Asparagus, spinach, walnuts, mushroom, olives, wild garlic, passata, black pepper, tiny bit of chilli, soya cheese with caramalized onion!

Calling it Forest Fantasy! So absolutely delicious.

Eating a lot of hummus, olives and candied nuts and crackers.

but also stir fry veg thai style and mixed bean chilli, rice and pasta and indian curry  sauces.

Vegan treats!

Marzipan fruits

Malbec (most)

Ginger Nut Biscuits

Elizabeth Shaw Mint Crisp Chocolates






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