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@DalstonBallet c/o joy@dissent @ hackney showroom with @SpindelHogg & @houseodwyer . com 2017

August 12, 2017






We want what? Results! Explore this!

And know yourself little girl!

What’s the story Princess in the tower,

struck with narrative force,

behind the mask… and so so so much more… 

work to do …





Stormy June: latest update from me @DalstonBallet @tcoa @houseofodwyer

June 26, 2016


hi welcome to the house of o’dwyer



Winnebago (g and p) by The Centre of Attention


I suggest u check out these 3 extremely exciting Art endeavours and projects challenging curatorial concepts.


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The Centre of Attention – Sculpture


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Dalston Ballet Company



working with Miles Coote rehearsing at Chisenhale Dance


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Choreographing live performance with the Bareback Museum


+ new Dalston Ballet Films online



more info here:




See you in July mes amis!





September 13, 2013

the house of o’dwyer

Since 2000 I have produced moving image work, photography, painting and installation under the name ‘the house of o’dwyer’

You can call me G.

I live and work in London where I grew up. I read History at Sussex University, and studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in London.

In 2000 I founded and continue to direct The Centre of Attention. This is a contemporary art collective that curates exhibitions and produces and authors conceptual and performative work.

In 2011 I formed ‘At Home with the Ludskis’ as a curated platform for all art forms, which uses London’s Rio Cinema as a venue for quarterly ‘Happenings’ of screenings, performance and actions.

In 2012 I opened a space in London’s Deptford:  News of the World. Created to exist as a challenge to prevailing notions of exhibitng Art, it manifests as a ‘Curator’s Studio’.

I have exhibited and screened work in the UK and internationally, including exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Stockholm, John Moores University, Liverpool, and a show at the Milton Keynes Gallery, FACT Liverpool.

Working as The Centre of Attention, I was selected for the Venice Biennale in 2005, and my recent feature length film project “Action Diana” was chosen as one of the top ten films for 2009 by Art Forum.

I continue work on a moving image project, ‘When i got back to London’ . Part 12 is in pre – production.

As well as working on a feature length screenplay, I am writing short stories, conceptual poetry and novels.  I am drawn to ideas of philosopy, human nature, and the tension between self-control and self-indulgence. Next year sees publication of my second novel.

As The House of O’Dwyer

As The Centre of Attention

At Home with the Ludskis curatorial project

I write regularly about new Art for magazines, publications, catalogues and press releases. and am writing on the subject of the ‘Post -Contemporary.

‘I give regular public talks and presentations at professional conferences, in museums and galleries and for broadcast. As a visiting tutor I have been employed by universities and art schools including Slade, Gothenburg University, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU),  Sheffield University and  Goldsmiths University.


words for film, Byron, Art + more

June 26, 2013

in Byron’s footsteps

Under the influence the consensus on Europe is in freefall

public image versus private finance, the mother of invention

a question of sportswear, award winning fashion

an inside job in Las Vegas.

Full steam ahead, Ruler of Britannia, Engine of humanity

what lights beneath, droughts, deluges, and raging debates

spies like us, flights of fancy, nude dimensions

northern soul, infinite possibilities

a young person’s guide to the choir

Rothko’s homecoming, censors and sensibility

first nations fire warning shots

maple leaves on the line

art from the ashes.


april 2013

words in search of a photograph… recent writing on art, poetry & other activities blog

June 13, 2013


Words in search of a photograph


Univision of the future,

I candy,

Socks away, frock festivals, escape from Alicante,

Alone on the ring road, the end of the line,

Out of many.

It all ads up.


Farm to fork, continental drift, stages of grief,

No place for confession, dizzying perspectives,

Upwardly mobile,

Villain of the piece.

When street cred meets ballet cred,

Master strokes.

You had to be there.

Shanghai spring, around the world in f.a.q.

The mark in every face I meet.



the house of o’dwyer  2013

Writing conceptual / meaningless theory / fashionable nonsense – AKA Poetry!

May 24, 2013

Latest from my series of writing works that look at structure, function and mechanism of poetry.

Rijksmuseum Reunion 

I don’t do politics, I do business.

Cases for change, Pope and circumstance,

That Saturday feeling, shades of sweetness.

A Korea in fashion,

High time,

In the name of cod!

A mine of adrenaline,

States of indifference

The facts of life.

A past master to remember,

From Sarajevo to Chicago,

Live long and prosper

The dark fantastic.

We’re not peace-loving hippies.

Reclaim the high notes,

The undercover director, building society

Figures that carved a niche,

A measured look at climate change,

Floored by design flaws.


by the house of o’dwyer MARCH 30/31



Funding Success for Granny Ludski + Preview @NOTWgallery + good friday +

March 28, 2013


What a break for 2013! Managed to secure Arts Council funding for the next 4 ‘At Home with the Ludskis’ Happenings at the Rio Cinema in Hackney. Check it out on facebook:
or twitter  @GrannyLudski


and over at News of the World Gallery  (  preview this friday 5-9 of new group show INTENSIVE CARE  (image Rose Gibbs)


Brand new script finished (Kenninghall Rd) and off to top international Producer!? victorian drag2

loving that new Pope is to wash the feet of law breakers…
Have a good Friday!

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