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turn left at The #CentreOfAttention and right at the #Bareback #Museum and you’ll find #DalstonBalletCo #live #art #performance #film #painting #dance #curatorial #hot #installation #participatory #masquerade #practice

August 19, 2016



For your diary: Sept 6th

Charing Cross Hospital

12 pm – 2pm

For the next manifestation of the Bareback Museum






@GrannyLudski at the Rio Cinema, #videoart on the big screen

August 7, 2013


It was great to see the latest house of o’dwyer film,

When I got back to London (part 11),

on the big screen at the Rio Cinema,

for At Home with Ludskis Edition (no9) Voyage and Return.

It was great to see all these other films on the big screen too!

here’s the programme:

Prog Ludski July 2013

And all the performers were amazing too . Kei, Meg and Ted, and Eleanor.

Seek them out!

Now employed on the documentation video and stills for Granny Ludski!

Here is what happened in the Janurary Edition (no8):

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or follow Curator Granny Ludski on:

check out BEST photos and VIDEO of latest edition of At Home with the Ludskis (#8)

May 21, 2013

The  HippyStan  Edition

of At Home with the Ludskis (#8)

 RIO CINEMA       London

APRIL       2013


curated by Granny Ludski


At Home with the Ludskis (#8) HippyStan Edition / April 2013

The unique midnight Art Happening/Screening in an old Cinema in London with Artists films on the big screen and performance, music and whatever you got everywhere else! Who was at Home with the Ludskis then? Well…


BADFOOD  (live installation)


Meredith Monk / Book of Days


Like Foxes – Live intervention/ performance


Georgio the Dove Valentino (live)


Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook /


DV8 / The Cost of Living


Manuela Barczewski / Slayer Cycle


James Franco & Travis Mathews /


Brendan Maclean / Stupid


Jonny Liron – Boychick Eyeliner  (performance)


Carsten Holler /


Oliver Herring with Joyce Pensato & David Thompson-Moss


Juliana Brustik (live performance)


Kenneth Anger / Invocation of my Demon Brother


Joseph Pearce / The Pub


Real Harlem Shake / Larry Smoovee


Richard Dyer  (live poetry performance)


Maya Art / 2d22h51′


Gilbert & George / Ten Commandments


join us on facebook for more pictures … 

and u can also follow Granny Ludski on twitter

Thanks to:

Blair Zaye – guest curator

Emie / Kendal / Sue Frumin / Lhelia

Staff & Management  Rio Cinema

The Centre of Attention

House of O’Dwyer

Happy Ending Productions

Arts Council England

see you next time!

‘At Home with the Ludskis’ latest video, live at the Rio Cinema in London

February 19, 2013


documentation of the Midnight Mass Edition of At Home with the Ludskis (no.7)


the next manifestation will be Saturday the 27th April



i propose don’t let this St.Valentines day be a drag…

February 8, 2013

> two things


i have found the ideal cover for my latest short story

The Kenninghall Rd Stalker

victorian drag2


2] 6 days til my St Valentines day gift giveaway of a framed print

do you fell lucky ?


this week

September 27, 2012

FILM: When i got back to london … to be continued … pt.4

CURATING: notwgallery & ???

PAINTING: portraits

WRITING: on god and dance and pinker

MEETINGS: exciting

DRAWING: knobs and knockers

PHOTOGRAPHY: new series – glass nature fake

COLLATING: photos/video from Ludski nite

24 hours to go…

September 21, 2012

AT HOME WITH THE LUDSKIS this Saturday at Rio Cinema DALSTON-
edition #6 meat poppet masquerade with the amazing and the celebrated:
Guy Maddin, Alan Clarke, Alma Harel, Leland Bobbe, Yumi Hara Cawkwell & Guy Harries, France Dubois, The Rack, Season Butler, House of O’Dwyer, Joanna McCormick, Jude Cowan Montague, Loulou Reloulou, Joshua Raffell, Mikey Woodbridge

new film at Rio Cinema Hackney this sat

September 18, 2012

new film by the house of o’dwyer premiere this sat

When I got back to London (pt 3 Venice)

will be shown as part of  – At Home with the Ludskis #6 –

Meat Poppet Masquerade

will also be showing another new film

Born to Kill

loads of other fantastic artists too

art performance moving image +

invite friends on facebook


at home with the Ludskis – tonight

May 12, 2012



a film by the centre of Attention

April 10, 2012

stills from Cycling in the Gallery:

a moving image work

from the Centre of Attention

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