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working on writing + quincunx + short story by Gar O’dwyer feedback welcome

April 26, 2018

+ quincunx +

Short story by Gar O’Dwyer  [700 words]


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I was tired of working on this piece – stitching a black thread on a stretched canvas – all day small stitches – my latest canvas – I was gonna call this one Quincunx – but now me and Booboo needed to get out of the house – Booboo needs a wee-wee-poo-poo – I had cabin fever – I left the needle in the centre of the canvas – I got up, stretched – so did Booboo – shoes, jacket, scarf, gloves, keys, bag – pooh bag – Booboo harnessed – lock door – pass the shop – Happy Supermarket – outside Mikey is laughing to himself – hello Mikey – hello Theo – hello Booboo – after a quick sniff for food Booboo continues along the road – warehouses coming down – new build glass and steel apartments rising from the ashes of the abandoned industrial estate – to the canal – the long trough of water – maybe once a great lake that had been compressed by urban pressures – we walk along the tarnished silver thread – Booboo behind me straining at the leash fascinated by everything – I imagine dragging her dead around town – I found shouting left, right, left, right, sped her up – for a while at least – until she got the scent of fast food, cat, dog, fox – whatever it was – come on Booboo – up the steep steps of the canal bank – through the wrought iron gate framing an expanse of park – Victoria – less than sublime, still a small thrill however – the flat green, brownish black trees denuded against a sheet of smoky grey sky – it could be the romantic park of a stately home – so many grey days a week – so very few people on those days – I was able to imagine it as my own estate – I, the Lord of the manor – the Duke of Cadogan – master of all I survey – ah! – what is this that doth approach? – but my! – it is one of my attractive game keepers – jogging toward me – everything jogging – calves – thighs – genitals – don’t stare – don’t care – chest – head – hair – I spin around to check his jogging butt – yes – have a sniff – have a lick – wanna fuck? – Booboo understands – one foot in front of the other – what’s my next step? – I repeat – what’s my next step? – stuck on a loop – over n over n over – buffering – I had come to a grinding halt – frozen – I struggle – one foot in front of the other – the dog dragging me back – why bother? – I let the lead fall from my hand – almost immediately full speed she took off – a squirrel – where was my squirrel to chase? – what would one do – you do – the voodoo – so well – if you caught one? Booboo never caught a squizzel – what was my next step? – right – left – I no longer knew – one foot in front of the other – did I look odd? – or was I invisible? – how do I get home from here? – move! – where is she? – Booboo! – help! –– decide! – speak! – were we both now free? – she free from me – me free from she – free – free to do what? – move! – onwards – find – fight – feast – fuck – forget – repeat – five black punctums at the root of the brain – flower of our genes – the rest? – entertainment? – a joke? – it came to me – epiphany – if nothing is what it seems, then nothing it must be – we all prefer a riddle to the truth – we call it wisdom – Booboo? – where are you? – what’s wrong with fighting the absurd with absurdity? –– she returns from the bushes looking confused from her brief state of freedom – trembling – right – left – there you are – the spell is broken – I was back in motion – moving – going to the end – to have a chance of knowing – going through the motions – what else was there? – hope? – that old has been! – got to get to the end – wrong or right – what if? – back on the leash – giddy up – back along the tarnished silver trough – follow the thread through the labyrinth – home – come on – come on – feed Booboo – sit down – once more with my thimble, needle and thread – I complete the last stitches on the five small black holes – maybe the five wounds of Christ on the cross – maybe the five f’s – find – fight – feast – fuck – forget – repeat – the five wounds of life – – – – –


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April 2018

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March 31, 2018

Dalston Ballet

Art Music Performance Dance Live

with Visiting Artists

Alvin Jedus – Tasmine A – Spindel H – Yumi H – Alice H

Rckay Rax – Manon A – Sadiq Ali – Qila Foufou

contact gar @ houseofodwyer . com to show interest


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April 20, 2012


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