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March 16, 2017


Currently showing work at Lubomirov / Angus Hughes Gallery. details: #houseofodwyer #hood #portraiture #21stC #art #idontlooklikethat #worksonpaper

July 29, 2016



Guy 7  (drawing / portrait studies series) 2016


Working on this Portrait studies series (mixed media on ruled paper) 2015 – ongoing

Exploring concepts around portraiture, masquerade, persona, self, identity,  masks, dramaturgy, subject, object, tradition and innovation, aesthetics, the post-contemporary.

As always my painting related work is a product of an interrogation of art, painting, psychology, beauty and philosophy.

See more here and details of Lubomirov / Angus Hughes exhibition in Clapton, London:


working with the Bareback Museum this month on a live dance performance with Miles Coote for #AHRCcommonground

June 19, 2016


Been having a fantastic time working on choreography with Miles Coote of the Bareback Museum this month for an all singing all dancing live performance on Midsummer nights eve in York.



Miles Coote at Chisenhale Dance

Expect a life drawing class with a difference.

It is part of AHRC’s (Arts and Humanities Research Council) Common Ground at the University of York’s Heslington East campus.

This is AHRC’s first national event!









video art performance live art experimental The Puppet Mistress by #DalstonBallet with Mika Hockman

April 8, 2016

Dalston Ballet Company

movement, sound and moving image project.

The Puppet Mistress performed by Mika Hockman,


Music: Sepy B

Choreography: house of o’dwyer

Edit: Rckay Rax

A series of performances and films exploring persona, dramaturgy and cinematography.


Keep in like and up to date here:




and more info here:!video-portraits/cxid



dalston ballet mika puppet 16











Latest from me: performance collaboration with dance, sound and video at Camden People’s Theatre Mon 25th May

May 21, 2015



SUPERIMPOSE by the house of o’dwyer

part of @YAADead



Performance art, dance, live art, sound art, video art…

For one night only at Camden People’s Theatre London

see a new performance created by the house of o’dwyer.

Monday 25th May part of ‘You are already dead’


2015-05-17 18.46.50


In helping to create thanks to collaborators, dancers, performers

Jo Cork / Lee Fukke / Miles Coote / Mika Hochman

and musicians

Rckay Rax / Sepy Baghaei

as well as Al and Mal of @YAADead


mika 1




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