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working on writing + quincunx + short story by Gar O’dwyer feedback welcome

April 26, 2018

+ quincunx +

Short story by Gar O’Dwyer  [700 words]


o                 o


o                 o


I was tired of working on this piece – stitching a black thread on a stretched canvas – all day small stitches – my latest canvas – I was gonna call this one Quincunx – but now me and Booboo needed to get out of the house – Booboo needs a wee-wee-poo-poo – I had cabin fever – I left the needle in the centre of the canvas – I got up, stretched – so did Booboo – shoes, jacket, scarf, gloves, keys, bag – pooh bag – Booboo harnessed – lock door – pass the shop – Happy Supermarket – outside Mikey is laughing to himself – hello Mikey – hello Theo – hello Booboo – after a quick sniff for food Booboo continues along the road – warehouses coming down – new build glass and steel apartments rising from the ashes of the abandoned industrial estate – to the canal – the long trough of water – maybe once a great lake that had been compressed by urban pressures – we walk along the tarnished silver thread – Booboo behind me straining at the leash fascinated by everything – I imagine dragging her dead around town – I found shouting left, right, left, right, sped her up – for a while at least – until she got the scent of fast food, cat, dog, fox – whatever it was – come on Booboo – up the steep steps of the canal bank – through the wrought iron gate framing an expanse of park – Victoria – less than sublime, still a small thrill however – the flat green, brownish black trees denuded against a sheet of smoky grey sky – it could be the romantic park of a stately home – so many grey days a week – so very few people on those days – I was able to imagine it as my own estate – I, the Lord of the manor – the Duke of Cadogan – master of all I survey – ah! – what is this that doth approach? – but my! – it is one of my attractive game keepers – jogging toward me – everything jogging – calves – thighs – genitals – don’t stare – don’t care – chest – head – hair – I spin around to check his jogging butt – yes – have a sniff – have a lick – wanna fuck? – Booboo understands – one foot in front of the other – what’s my next step? – I repeat – what’s my next step? – stuck on a loop – over n over n over – buffering – I had come to a grinding halt – frozen – I struggle – one foot in front of the other – the dog dragging me back – why bother? – I let the lead fall from my hand – almost immediately full speed she took off – a squirrel – where was my squirrel to chase? – what would one do – you do – the voodoo – so well – if you caught one? Booboo never caught a squizzel – what was my next step? – right – left – I no longer knew – one foot in front of the other – did I look odd? – or was I invisible? – how do I get home from here? – move! – where is she? – Booboo! – help! –– decide! – speak! – were we both now free? – she free from me – me free from she – free – free to do what? – move! – onwards – find – fight – feast – fuck – forget – repeat – five black punctums at the root of the brain – flower of our genes – the rest? – entertainment? – a joke? – it came to me – epiphany – if nothing is what it seems, then nothing it must be – we all prefer a riddle to the truth – we call it wisdom – Booboo? – where are you? – what’s wrong with fighting the absurd with absurdity? –– she returns from the bushes looking confused from her brief state of freedom – trembling – right – left – there you are – the spell is broken – I was back in motion – moving – going to the end – to have a chance of knowing – going through the motions – what else was there? – hope? – that old has been! – got to get to the end – wrong or right – what if? – back on the leash – giddy up – back along the tarnished silver trough – follow the thread through the labyrinth – home – come on – come on – feed Booboo – sit down – once more with my thimble, needle and thread – I complete the last stitches on the five small black holes – maybe the five wounds of Christ on the cross – maybe the five f’s – find – fight – feast – fuck – forget – repeat – the five wounds of life – – – – –


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April 2018


Hugs, Kisses and free tickets for next Dalston Ballet Live performance

February 23, 2017

Thanks everybody for supporting our SCISM residency. `

NEXT live performance for Dalston Ballet:

1 > 24th feb Dalston Bump launch > at Vogue Fabrics, Stoke Newington Rd

flyer dalston ballet 2017 2.jpg

2 > With the Countess > at Paradise

3 > All Tomorrows Parties, Party > at Vout-o-Reenees

Love, hugs and kisses to:

Matthew Glamorre, the Scism team and The Water Rats.

Dalston Ballet Visiting Associate Artists:

Yumi Hara, Thom Wootton, Malik Sharpe,

Kam Wan, Linda Hogg, house of o’dwyer,

Miles Coote, Alvin Hansen, Alex Zapek,

Sue Frumin, Lee Fukke and Ludo

Say Hi on facebook for free tickets …

my 5 fave works on paper of 2016 #art #dance #painting #bareback #abstract #masks #fans #photography #wig #allmine #curatorial #hood #x

December 31, 2016


art for art’s sake




model: Alvin Hansen




pen portrait painting


miles bareback york 1


model: Miles Coote




model: Thom Wootton




model: Gur Piepskovitz


See you on the other side


TOTALLY LOVE all these new works by @DalstonBallet #live #performance #art #kimono #dumb #darklord #princess #artiststudio #Byron #harp #accordian #dance #video #hood at Chisenhale Dance London Oct 2016

November 1, 2016




Dalston Ballet Co. performed 6 works of live performance, art, dance, musical and lyrical collaborations … all for Fan Riot 4 Hail Hail Hail at Chisenhale Dance Space in East London

6 ? yeah 6!

1. Come in a kimono Overture (durational) 

Kam, Alvin, Thom and dj #hood




2. Artist’s Studio




with performers Kam Wan, Alvin Jedus Hansen, Thom Wootton, and the house of o’dwyer and randomly selected track from found i pod…


3. The Dark Lord 




with performer Kam Wan and music from Rckay Rax


4. Principessa




Alvin Jedus Hansen – performer

Rckay Rax – Music




5. In Byron’s Footsteps




Kam Wan – performer

Yumi Hara – Music, harp and voice




house of o’dwyer – lyrics, choreography, costume


6. Dumb Blonde




Thom Wootton – performer

Adam Christensen – Music, Accordian, Voice




Choreography, costume, concept the house of o’dwyer for the Dalston Ballet Co

Thanks to Garance




DADA lyrics by the house of o’dwyer take on nu life, set 2 music & performed by Yumi Hara in concert in Osaka Japan!

October 24, 2016


21 Oct Osaka FUTURO Yumi Hara solo (Hammond, harp, vo)




How best to commemerate 100 years of DADA, than have my own dada lyrics sung by the amazing Yumi Hara (of cult group Artaud Beats) on a purple electronic Harp, my favourite instrument! (well now it is!)

Here is how it started…  we were working with the Dalston Ballet Co. in London at Miranda, Ace Hotel, Shoreditch, London.

Yumi Hara was commisioned to sing and set the lyrics of ‘In Byron’s footsteps,’ by the house of o’dwyer, for a dance work by the Dalston Ballet Co.

Yumi Hara liked the lyrics so much she included them in her recent solo concert in Osaka, Japan. 

I felt AMAZED and OVERWHELMED! And hopefully we shall work on another track when she gets back to Clapton.





More YUMI HARA here >











Come in a Kimono! (Suite) Dalston Ballet at @ChisenhaleDance space FRIDAY 7pm FREE c/o @_fanriot #ArtDanceFantasy

October 19, 2016

Dalston Ballet Co. will be presenting 4 short Art dance works and 1 long one, in a live performance installation.

Two from the ‘Come in a Kimono Suite’, Overture and Art Studio, and 

Three from the Solitary Being Project; Dark Lord, Principessa and Farewell Tour.

Love, appreciation and devotion to Kam Wan, Alvin J Hansen, Thom Wootton, house of o’dwyer, Sue Frumin, Miles Coote, Yumi Hara and Rckay Rax.


As part of Fanclub 4 with Owen G Parry and many other Artists.




Kam Wan


Combing Art, performance, music, lyrics, dance, costume and flesh…

Dalston Ballet seeks to explore the nature of humanity and the reality of art.


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Info / contact Garance:  dalstonballet @ gmail .com






#Cthulhu Latest from the #Urban #Safari #Menagerie series by #houseOfOdwyer #new approaches to #art photography #curatorial #practice #hood #dada

August 21, 2016






Urban Safari Menagerie: 2016


by the house of o’dwyer




From a writing, art and poetry project a couple of years ago looking at poetry, relevance and current affairs

June 14, 2016

Post contemporary poetry from the

hood 2016 sig



Wandering star



I never talk about my bad traits, glamour from a Gilda age

jewel personalities, London calling

mix and match of the day

beyond the beach, Switzerland without skis

the demolition man, unsteady odyssey street of shame

human capital every breath you take defensive

behaviour odd to ominous, not just another maestro

an artist finds his groove, folk of ages

avant-garde explosion, pay up, pay up and play the game

let the field of the mind fall fallow

please hang up and try again.


more here!poetry/c1ukx


house of o’dwyer

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