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E. Writing Quotes A – Z #JamesEllroy ‘You try to learn who you are. You work hard. You’ve either got it or you don’t when it

June 28, 2018

‘… comes to writing books. And you tend to only get these things if

you want them, and want them to the exclusion of everything else.’

– James Ellroy



Join us for new writers reading to industry professionals.


Like he Apprentice but for novelists!



U. Writing Quotes A – Z: #JohnUpdike. ‘Try to develop actual work habits, and even though…

June 14, 2018


… you have a busy life, try to reserve an hour, say – or more – a day to write. Some very



good things have been written on an hour a day.’

– John Updike


Rochefoucauld no 29. — The evil that we do does not attract to us…

April 8, 2018


… so much persecution and hatred as our good qualities.






Week 1. of Missy’s pop-up-book-shop complete. Raisng dollar 4 charity. Who? @dalstonballet live performance art co.

February 16, 2018


I make friends… but i am a terrier so i need a good price first!

Books were sold in the unlikliest of places and money was 
raised for the most essential of live art companies!
Missy will continue to pop weekly here:

17th feb 2018 1-4pm = Saturday: Rio Cinema Dalston
18th feb 2018 1-5pm = Sunday: Hackney Wick (Hackney Pearl)

last minute pops can be found here =

Come join the masquerade ! 

Missy’s pop-up-book-shop



Prize winning books for sale + Serious face + Missy the dancing dog!

January 11, 2018


The Loney, The Power, Wolf Hall, Blackwater as well as poetry, magic realism all from my Library… and more… check it, me, missy out!

Coming soon from Missy’s thrift shop: bags, paintings and who knows!




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