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J. Writing Quotes A – Z #ToveJansson People idealise their animals, and at the same time they patronisingly overlook a dog’s natural life – biting fleas, burying bones, …

June 19, 2018


… rolling in garbage, barking up an empty tree all night… But what do they

do themselves? Bury stuff that will rot in secret and then dig it up and

bury it again and rant and rave under empty trees!’



– Tove Jansson



art /film project seeks editor /artist to deal with this >

March 31, 2018

Dalston Ballet

Art Music Performance Dance Live

with Visiting Artists

Alvin Jedus – Tasmine A – Spindel H – Yumi H – Alice H

Rckay Rax – Manon A – Sadiq Ali – Qila Foufou

contact gar @ houseofodwyer . com to show interest


Works on paper by the house of o’dwyer Portraits, masks, self. Show opens in July at Vogue Fabrics, Kingsland High St.

May 23, 2017





Portrait of an orange 2016 



The ones i keep going back to…



portrait girl  / 2016



Guy with Green Hair  / 2016



Nefertiti 2015 



Green Gloves / 2017


Gar @ houseofodwyer . com


See @DalstonBallet : camera concept cut @houseofodwyer, performer Kam Wan. first video 2017 #art #curious #masquerade #performance

January 5, 2017



And first gig of the year 14th Jan.

Where ? Here >

join us


ALSO Dalston Ballet seeks female performers.

Send links

dalstonballet @ gmail . com

Happy new year and all the best

Gar x



BLOGORRHEA! & TWITTORRHEA! Experiment with words 2… #blogorrhea #houseofodwyer #twittorrhea – new psychological disorders

August 17, 2013


The full English mission improbable hive mentality the luxury of choice billion dollar babies a ride into the past camping with B.  whatever the weather the way he made us feel something wicked this way comes instrument of desire pop culture diplomacy the industrial revolution it’s all Mickey’s fault public art and private generosity answers on a postcard.

the house of o’dwyer


films by the house of o’dwyer

April 20, 2012


Portrait of Paloma P



portrait of the artist


The Truth


Portrait of Peggy G




Babe 60 mins


Portrait of April A



DAS Photographic Series

March 17, 2012

florence 2011

DAS photographic series

G-D Series

March 3, 2012

photographic work

by the House of O’Dwyer

ongoing Series

digital prints

1990 – 0ngoing

Murcia Spain (blue dick)


Paris France (small dick)


Liverpool UK (big dick)

Whitewash dick

Red dick

1999 – ongoing

S-F Painting (green)

March 3, 2012





C.Rouge Series

March 3, 2012

La Chambre Rouge


the house of o’dwyer

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