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Canal – A novella in verse – by Gar O’Dwyer – Part 1

November 9, 2018

C a n a l

A novella in verse

by Gar O’Dwyer

Part 1


Chapter 1


In the toilet the struggle with

the limescale build-up

had taken on geological proportions

driving me right round, right round

right round the fucking u-bend.

Calcification creeping excrescence

voices from the radio pervade the kitchen.

News. The neverendum borders, Brexit, Trump

and other disasters.


The Professor, Professor Sniffy Booboo too you,

a pedigree Welshie, a terrier of distinction,

in between monitoring my food handling activities

would repeatedly drop, then retrieves in her teeth

a tennis ball, at the feet of her adopted homo-sapien

Me. Hi. I’m Tom by the way.

No Don’t.


The ominous sound of the ball’s percussive bounce,

demanding and threatening all at once.

Not now Sniffy – I tell her, as I make my coffee.

The Professor continues to stare at the dirty grey ball,

with an alarming focus.

I change radio stations, from news and reviews, re-tuning

to one playing music. You can choose.

The professor continues to stare at the dull grey sphere.


I seek out my phone, the dog lead…

and with play a no go, Prof. Sniffy Booboo, slopes off with a mild whimper,

as I collect pooh bags, coffee cup and …

Sniffy pitter-patters back with a soft toy, a plush little penguin.

‘That’s not yours Professor Sniffy Boo-boo.

I wrestle the toy pouch away from her beardy snout;

distract her with a crumb of bread,

and place snooty safely on top of the cupboard,

I like to call it an Armoire.

Sniffy gives a low level bark between a fleet of whimpers.

My phone rings.

It’s mum, I tell Sniffy.

I continue a search for shoes.

Hi… Yes…Ok mum… come by tomorrow.

I pick up my baseball cap,

Tomorrow night.

Professor Sniffy Booboo follows me…


to be continued…

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July 29, 2018




In refusing to lie

Refusing to lie about it

To lie about it all


About what I know

All what I know

I know I will


I will I know

In refusing

Refusing to lie


Lie about it

What I know

I wlil I know


I will be


Reduced to silence


To silence



gar n yumi 2017



The last, or the first, of my A-Z of writers writing about writing. A. #WritingQuotes #A2Z #naomiAlderman ‘Expect to be disgusted by your own early work. If writing is…’ See u all tonight.

July 5, 2018


‘… your vocation, if you hope that it might be your salvation, push on

through the disgust until you find one true sentence, a few words that

say more than you expected, something you didn’t know until you

set it down.’ – Naomi Alderman




B. #WritingQuotes #A2Z #WilliamBurroughs ‘In my writing I am acting as a map maker, an explorer of… ‘ #mapmaker #psychicareas #cosmonaut #innerspace ✂️ #writerswritingaboutwriting

July 5, 2018


‘… of psychic areas, a cosmonaut of inner space, and I see no point

in  exploring areas that have already been thoroughly surveyed.’

– William Burroughs






C. #writingQuotes #A2Z #Colette ‘To write is to pour one’s innermost self passionately upon the…’ #goldenbough #dazzlinghour #witheredbramble #stuntedflower.” 😍 Join us 5th July. 12 #writers read extracts form debut novels

July 2, 2018

C. #writingQuotes #A2Z #Colette


‘… tempting paper, at such frantic speed that sometimes one’s hand

struggles and rebels, overdriven by the impatient god which guides

it – and to find, next day, in place of the golden bough that bloomed

miraculously in that dazzling hour, a withered bramble and a

stunted flower.” – Colette



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12 writers read extracts form their debut novels

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D. #writingQuotes #A2Z #Doctorow ‘Good writing is supposed to evoke…’ Join us 5th July, 12 writers read extracts form their debut novels

July 2, 2018


‘… sensation in the reader – not the fact that it is raining but the feeling

of being rained upon.’ – E. L. Doctorow





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12 writers read extracts form their debut novels

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E. Writing Quotes A – Z #JamesEllroy ‘You try to learn who you are. You work hard. You’ve either got it or you don’t when it

June 28, 2018

‘… comes to writing books. And you tend to only get these things if

you want them, and want them to the exclusion of everything else.’

– James Ellroy



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F. writing quotes A – Z #WilliamFaulkner ‘Perhaps they were right putting love into…

June 28, 2018


… books. Perhaps it could not live anywhere else.’


– William Faulkner





G #WritingQuotes A – Z #alangarner – G. Writing Quotes A- Z #AlanGarner ‘If you are going to write, nothing will stop you, and… ‘ – Alan Garner

June 28, 2018


… if you are not going to write, nothing will make you.’




– Alan Garner


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H. Writing Quotes A – Z #LangstonHughes ‘In all my life, I have never been free. I have never been able to… #writingaboutwriting

June 23, 2018


… do anything with freedom, except in the field of my writing.’

– Langston Hughes






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