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A letter to all you the house of o’dwyer patrons x

June 13, 2017


I was enjoying the deluge here in London, but it did go on far for too long!




Drawing and painting




+ Editing novel and writing lyrics

Crouch down

bent double

over the counter

blunt force trauma

fill the empty interior

shut me up,

shut me down

manage the beast

stop the hysteria,

work for the tongue

roughly speaking

worship and adore

under the weather,

Come in my eye

post traumatic stress disorder

Let me go

out patient

I can suck at it myself

taste the meat

feel the heat…


Organising next Dalston Ballet show




Still vegan: Chocolate Tart perfected. Next Tiffin.




Doing air bnb




Loved Alien Covenant




… and in love with this tile




Still decorating the new house




and off to venice with Ariella and Qila.




AND rejections. But we don’t talk about that!

p.s. Couldn’t vote






Art! What are you saying?

May 30, 2017


What are you saying? What are you doing? Is it a photo shoot?

Is it a video portrait? Is it a screen test? Is it simulacra?

Is it surface? Is it depth? Is it dance? Is it symbolic?

Is it reality? Is it fashion? Is it production values?

Is it mime? Who is performing? Is it voyeuristic?

Who’s playing who? Is it a pathological? Is it exquisite?

Is it for the hell of it? Is it decoration?

Is it exploitation? Is it a bad pun? Is it exhibitionist?

Is it movement, colour, sound? Is it fascination?

Is it conceptual? Is it bogus? Is it a love story?

Where am !? Who is Ze? It’s not personal?

Is it?


Dalston Ballet ft. @houseofodwyer lyrics / libretto, 4 ze mini musical / petit opera: the chanteuse #performance #liveart #dance #music

May 19, 2017

The Chanteuse


Wandering star

I never talk about my bad traits

glamour from a Gilda age

jewel personalities,

London calling

mix and match of the day

beyond the beach

Switzerland without skis

the demolition man

unsteady odyssey

street of shame

human capital

every breath you take defensive

behaviour odd to ominous

not just another maestro

an artist finds his groove

folk of ages

avant-garde explosion

pay up, pay up and play the game

let the field of the mind fall fallow

please hang up and try again.







@DalstonBallet – @HackneyShowroom #Contemporary #dance #performance #art with visiting associate artists programme @houseofodwyer

April 25, 2017

Love working with the Dalston Ballet. Currently wearing many hats; Choreographer, stylist, libretto, dresser, special effects, film editor… and now performer!

I performed the role of ‘Artist’ in Dalston Ballet’s contemporary dance performance art work at Hackney Showroom early in April.

I shot this video while doing it, which means it must be Art! It also means you dont see me at work!




This video of Artist’s studio shows just one of four works we performed that night including:


Bleed in Bleed Out


Everything went to plan, mostly.

Hope to take it to more venues this year.



Art and Life, still and moving, words and images…

February 3, 2017


In the studio at night i draw

and paint with pens,

small works on paper.

Work must be done.

Fairy lights and naked bulbs

charm in the dark.

It calms one.

The book is closed.

Lights out, doors locked and on to the cold street.

The wind whips by, past the Lion, across the busy road,

under the railway arch, along the bike path

and through the graveyard

and peace

The bus stop. 253

6 minutes.

Pity the passengers.

It claims one





(from the fruit and veg series)


by the house of o’dwyer

16 x 21 cm unframed



houseofodwyer @







I need talent! I mean collaborators (rude!) to put words to music & to sing / perform 4 @DalstonBallet project #hood #artopps

December 31, 2016


Please get in touch, send me a link here: dalstonballet @ or

post something here:

if you would like to collaborate.

I will spend new year’s eve awaiting responses it means so much to me.


Lyrics by #hood


Wandering Star


Wandering star…

I never talk about my bad traits,

glamour from a Gilda age

jewel personalities,

London calling

mix and match of the day

beyond the beach,

Switzerland without skis

the demolition man,

unsteady odyssey

street of shame

human capital

every breath you take defensive

behaviour odd to ominous,

not just another maestro

an artist finds his groove,

folk of ages

avant-garde explosion,

pay up, pay up and play the game

let the field of the mind fall fallow

please hang up and try again.


here’s to future collaborations.

Have a good one!




Writing retreat, Xmas celebration, performance making, Xmas celebration with fam & a lowly cattle shed!

December 29, 2016


Writing and reading



Just got back from my lowly cattle shed where I stay each christmas

on the Broxted estate in Suffolk, just outside Woodbridge,

with my extended family.



The fairies on the xmas tree oversee present opening and feasting.

Soon it will be Xmas dinner.

I must confess, it was not very Vegan!

My painting Goddess hides behind the xmas tree.







Dalston Ballet at Miranda, Ace Hotel, Shoreditch, London

October 16, 2016




Dalston Ballet Company ‘In Byron’s Footsteps’
dance: Kam Wan, music: Yumi Hara (electric harp, vo)
text and art direction: House O’Dwyer
at Miranda, London, 14 Oct 2016


Like Dalston Ballet on facebook









Do u love Dogs? Then read short story, ‘A Trip to Snape Maltings’ by GO, from brand new series 4 children and dog lovers! #LokiDog

August 21, 2016

Loki dog


The trip to Snape Maltings



Part 1


During the summer holidays

I never know from day to day,

what’s the heck is gonna happen.


Last night my family went,

off to another land

Sad face.


I had a whole day on my own,

stuck in the house,

until Granddad came by.

He had brought my favourite snack.

Steak lumps.

Happy Face.


I stayed up late wondering

would my humans be back tonight?


I fell asleep on the couch.

Hehe! That is a big no-no in my house.


I’m Loki the Hungarian Vizsla.

That’s what they tell me.

Do i really vizsla like an Hungarian?

I have no idea what it means!

Just call me Lokidog.


In the morning after a good stretch and scratch,

I made sure the house was safe.

I had a look in all the rooms.

I had forgot everyone had gone.

It was very quite without my humans,

especially my four brothers.


I spent the day taking naps on each member of the packs bed.

Except top bunk. I cant get up the ladder.

Ully tries to help me up sometimes.

He’s one of my funny brothers.

But ladders are not for me.


I do miss the stink of my family.


Later, i heard a car turn into the lane and head up to my house.

The front door opened and i did a little dance of excitement on

seeing it was the one we call Uncle G.


We said hi and he joined in my dance of excitement.


Did he come to see my family?

Did they flee when they heard he was on his way?

Humans are funny like that.

(And don’t even mention flees!)

Or does he need my protection?

I think he’s in need of my protection.

My family like to keep me working.

Holiday over.

It looks like it’s me and the G man for a couple of days.


After our greetings and no signs of snacks

I patrolled the garden. i needed to monitor

the situation, regarding territorial invasion

and fam protection,

and a general, What are you lot up to in the bushes?


When I hear the grey tops car arrive,

i run around and check in with them.

I give them some bark, woof! and let them know,

I got the situation in hand.


They do their weird squeaky barking.

Strokes, sniffs and pats all-round.

No snacks so I leave them to it.


When they get together they can sometimes bark

and whine and squeal all night.

Don’t mind me, trying to sleep in the corner.


Out of the blue the grey tops start calling my name.

What do u want? i ask.

They ask me do you want to go to Snape Loki.

Hell yeah do I! I let out a little howl.

I love getting out and about and meeting new dogs.

I did get so excited I had to run off and do a wee on the grassy knowl.


We climbed into the car, the two grey tops, Uncle G and me,

and drove off through the country lanes,

to little old Snape Maltings.


While they whined, barked, squealed at each other,

I had my head stuck out the window.

I do like a refreshing breeze,

Cools me off,

and blocks out my human’s jibba jabba.




to be continued…









When i got back to London (text in progress)

June 29, 2016


When I got back to London… (2015 edition)




The prime minister had been up to no good with a pigs head…

Find my self bored of art ‘things’

In Marseille… writing and drawing and thinking.

… refugees and asylum seekers fleeing syrian war zones and heading to Europe, joining with economic migrants.

Working hard on screenplay, funding applications, competitions…

Haven’t told anyone yet but me and P have decided to separate after 18 years together.

“People have nothing to say, but they are afraid of saying nothing, so what they do say comes out flat and vapid and meaningless. The shadow of death is on every face.”

[William S. Burroughs]


Also at work on choreography project: ‘Words Fail Me’ with the Dalston Ballet Company

And recruiting performers.

Have to find somewhere to live.



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