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Maybe yeah u wanna see TAROT nov 2017 dalston ballet?

November 16, 2017


Alvindel 2017


i no longer give a flying fu




Dalston Ballet in new relationship with… Rosemary Branch Theatre !

August 2, 2017



Dalston Ballet’s nu home and rehearsal room for 2017

Courtesy of Rosemary Branch Theatre, London

Look out for premier of new performances later in the year






Artwork “Ze by House of O’Dwyer”- Celeste Network

July 19, 2017

Source: Artwork “Ze by House of O’Dwyer”- Celeste Network

‘Primavera’ nu werk by Dalston Ballet, live at St Paul’s Church, Evering Road, for Inside Hackney Launch

May 25, 2017


Saturday 21st May 2017 –  Primavera by Dalston Ballet




Orange dancer







Music – Rckay Rax

Performers – Qila Foufou, Gar O, Ariella A

Scenario / Libretto – house of o’dwyer





Dalston Ballet article & photo for Inside Hackney, the must read guide to the Hackney community

May 22, 2017

Dalston Ballet (1)

slideshow of recent work with some lovely folk #nefertiti, qila, thom, beowulf, coosh, alvin & kam

April 20, 2017


join the masquerade



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


reviewing the situation

house of odwyer, dalston ballet etc.



performance dance research #powwow #houseofodwyer

March 16, 2017




#NuWerk #LiveArt + #CutUpSound + #VideoArt from @DalstonBallet with @Jocork @madenergygroup @houseofodwyer

March 31, 2016



1st of a series of performance solos


from the Dalston Ballet Company




thanks to

Jo Cork

House of O’Dwyer


Ritter / Zamet Gallery

For more on the project visit the website:!video-portraits/cxid

coming soon: the Prince

miles as prince dbc 16












nxt wednesday @DalstonBallet Company live at Action Pulpeuse 17th Feb @the_betsey London #performanceArt

February 11, 2016

Wednesday 17th Feb 2016 8pm £3

Dalston Ballet Company at Action Pulpeuse 2 London

Join us for an evening of Artist’s Performance

jo small

details here:

The Dalston Ballet Company is a collective of Artists, Performers, Musicians producing work for film and for live performance, exploring ideas around archetype, dramaturgy, narrative, desire and identity, through light, movement and sound.

more about Dalston Ballet Company here:







ORGAN THING: It was the Dalston Ballet Company at Ritter-Zamet….

November 25, 2015

Recently: Lights Sound Camera Action with Dalston Ballet Company… Art Film Performance Live


Quick shout while we’re here, seems the rather impressive performances in all the red light and the smoke at the Ritter-Zamet Gallery last Saturday were from the Dalston Ballet Company, thanks to the rather intriguing House of O’Dwyer for bringing the details of who it was in there in the smoke, extremely impressive shapes in the dark


Ritter-Zamet gallery Ritter-Zamet gallery

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