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Tuesday 19th June 8pm Join Dalston Ballet Co. at Biddle Bros. Clapton London 8pm for ‘Naked Folk’

June 16, 2018


Halloween Tarot part 3 (Artist’s Studio) by Dalston Ballet #messingwityourmangoes

November 28, 2017

Dalston Ballet



Thanks to all the musicians, performers, dancers and the behind the scenes folk.

Rckay Rax – Yumi Hara – Alvin Jedus

Linda Hogg – Qila Gill – Marianne Hyatt

Sadiq Ali – Tasmine Airey – Manon Aquilina

Liam Liam – Gar O’Dwyer

produced by:

& The Centre of Attention





Last week The Centre of Attention at #newartprojects c/o #actionpulpeuse performing 7 for 7.30… #liveArt #performanceArt @tcoa @newartprojects @actionpulpeuse

October 16, 2016

Last week… at New Art Projects





The Centre of Attention

7 for 7.30

performance / intervention 

thanks to Action Pulpeuse and New Art Projects Gallery





[photo Callum Kerr]




Dalston Ballet, Centre of Attention, and thank u 4 comin 2 New Art Projects, 2 c Action Pulpeuse 5

October 7, 2016


NOW… Join us on Friday 14th October at

Miranda, Ace Hotel, Shoreditch, London,

for our next show / installation / performance,

another collision of Art, music, dance, costume,

painting, live art, filmography, harps and probably

gratuitous nudity!


The Princess / Principessa with Alvin Jedus Hansen

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Thank you so much for your incredible support.


7 for 7.30pm (by the Centre of Attention)

For Action Pulpeuse 5, at New Art Projects, London


JOIN US HERE for 14th October







Website reboot 4 #houseofodwyer @DalstonBallet @GrannyLudski @tcoa #Come join the #masquerade #SeriousNotSolemn

July 18, 2016



Website for the house of o’dwyer


jo small

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and Submit your films to  At Home with the Ludskis…


and don’t forget the ‘The Centre of Attention’




Come join the Masquerade!






Stormy June: latest update from me @DalstonBallet @tcoa @houseofodwyer

June 26, 2016


hi welcome to the house of o’dwyer



Winnebago (g and p) by The Centre of Attention


I suggest u check out these 3 extremely exciting Art endeavours and projects challenging curatorial concepts.


Like we would like all really like appreciate any like like follow share like you are like able to like bestow like…


The Centre of Attention – Sculpture


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Dalston Ballet Company



working with Miles Coote rehearsing at Chisenhale Dance


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Choreographing live performance with the Bareback Museum


+ new Dalston Ballet Films online



more info here:




See you in July mes amis!




Dance, Drawing, TV, Curating and Theory… check out my current culture top 5… #houseofodwyer

April 13, 2016

Filling me with awe, jealousy, inspiration and doubt…

My current Culture top 5


1. Dance company: Club Guy & Roni

Inspiring live performance…


2. Portrait project by hood:


Traditional and contemporary. See more…!portrait/c1iec


3. The Durrells TV drama

Adorable period drama set on Corfu


4. From the archive… The Miracle of Limerick


The Miracle of Limerick by The Centre of Attention for EVA International curated by Katerina Gregos a couple of years back.

Portrait of Stella by Charles Jervas and its miracle giving history…


5. Modernism and the Gay









I think the word is Awesome!… #Art #Writing #film #houseofodwyer

April 28, 2015

portrait of the artist

Yes since you ask I think the word Awesome is definelty the most grossly misused, overused, abused.

Anyways here is my new website. Not had much time to blog as I have been working on this and moving studio and working on a ballet for film and a live performance and editing screenplays and essays and novels and poems and…





OR navigate for yourself the mind palace work in progress of the house of o’dwyer:





Experiment with words…

August 15, 2013

It really is good to talk

Hitsville revisited, I hate not winning, Jean genius, the first lady effect, beautiful minds, the long and short of it, the volcano express, on the trail of cider house jewels, fellowship of the ring, project parenthood, eye on the ball, decline and fall, from here to Wigan Pier, Russian retreat, Revolutionary road, Afghan destines, fly across to a better word, the blasted heath, landscape with visions of… On the verge of meltdown, from Bollywood to big bang, shared passions, barbarisms at the gates, it’s all about presence, a brief cabin encounter.

the house of o’dwyer





The Centre of Attention, @notwgallery, House of O’Dwyer, Granny Ludski. What is the connection?

July 11, 2013

news x 4

1. The Centre of Attention gets a mention in the Artangel Open top 100

2. A House of O’Dwyer painting (portrait of Pierre) used for book cover for Federico Sabitini novel, now sees the portrait recreated by an actor, the occasion? A reading by the author. Wish i could be there.


3. And Granny Ludski is back in town Curating her At Home with the Ludskis No.9 at the Rio Cinema in Dalston London on 27th July a mix of Artists Film, Performance and Music! Including moi!

4. News of the World Gallery in Deptford continues with a film installation from German Artist Stefan Hoderlein: A walk in the Park

AND all will be over by the end of the month.




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