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E. Writing Quotes A – Z #JamesEllroy ‘You try to learn who you are. You work hard. You’ve either got it or you don’t when it

June 28, 2018

‘… comes to writing books. And you tend to only get these things if

you want them, and want them to the exclusion of everything else.’

– James Ellroy



Join us for new writers reading to industry professionals.


Like he Apprentice but for novelists!



X Writing Quotes A – Z: ‘If, while observing the boundless universe, the writer is able to scrutinise his own self as well as others…

June 10, 2018


… the resulting incisiveness of his observations will far surpass objective descriptions of reality.’


Gao Xingjian




Writing Quotes A – Z




for over 2 weeks bombastic tune on repeat in my ear. Who knew it had a name ?! Hail to the Chief ! #gottaloveamerica

May 1, 2018


researching chemical castration for Alan Turing performance with Dalston Ballet … coming soon [?!]

April 27, 2018





‘Important investigations of ‘who we are’ can exist and are conceivable, but…

November 29, 2017


… you can be sure that they transpire somewhere else than

here in our sermonizing about responsibility, urgency and

hapless prescription.’

Mark Grief

The Age of the Crisis of Man

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