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FREE: C #houseofodwyer Sun 8th Oct Kachette Old St. EC1V 9LP #culturaltraffic #print #publication #art #fair 11-8pm

October 7, 2017


Free shit in Old St. Shoreditch


In the former ticket office

of Shoreditch train station.

come and say buy! I mean hi!













recent installation by for vfd n16 7xb

July 28, 2017

queer portraits bi the curious house of o’dwyer


thanks for coming


The character of the heads of the so called kings and queens… #arthistory #chartres

May 4, 2017


‘… These heads seem to me to show a new stage in the ascent of western man[kind]. Indeed I believe that this refinement, this look of selfless detachment, and spirituality is something entirely new in art. Beside them the Gods and Heroes of Ancient Greece look arrogant, soulless, even slightly brutal.


‘I fancy that the faces that look out at us from the past are, perhaps, the surest indication we have of the meaning of an epoch.’


And the faces on the westside of Chartres Cathedral are amongst the most sincere and the most aristocratic that western Europe has ever produced.’

thanks to Baron Clark and Civilisation




Art and Life, still and moving, words and images…

February 3, 2017


In the studio at night i draw

and paint with pens,

small works on paper.

Work must be done.

Fairy lights and naked bulbs

charm in the dark.

It calms one.

The book is closed.

Lights out, doors locked and on to the cold street.

The wind whips by, past the Lion, across the busy road,

under the railway arch, along the bike path

and through the graveyard

and peace

The bus stop. 253

6 minutes.

Pity the passengers.

It claims one





(from the fruit and veg series)


by the house of o’dwyer

16 x 21 cm unframed



houseofodwyer @







my 5 fave works on paper of 2016 #art #dance #painting #bareback #abstract #masks #fans #photography #wig #allmine #curatorial #hood #x

December 31, 2016


art for art’s sake




model: Alvin Hansen




pen portrait painting


miles bareback york 1


model: Miles Coote




model: Thom Wootton




model: Gur Piepskovitz


See you on the other side


new small paintings by the house of o’dwyer 2016 portraits series #contemporary #art #curatorial

December 29, 2016




the house of o’dwyer



3 recent works on paper from house of o’dwyer #hoodpainting #paintingInInk

September 10, 2016

Fresh from the studio

Fruit and Veg series


ink on ruled paper




Catergory: It is what it is series





Portrait series






Portrait series




I think the word is Awesome!… #Art #Writing #film #houseofodwyer

April 28, 2015

portrait of the artist

Yes since you ask I think the word Awesome is definelty the most grossly misused, overused, abused.

Anyways here is my new website. Not had much time to blog as I have been working on this and moving studio and working on a ballet for film and a live performance and editing screenplays and essays and novels and poems and…





OR navigate for yourself the mind palace work in progress of the house of o’dwyer:





#PostContemporary #PortraitPainting. What would it look like? #HouseOfOdwyer

November 6, 2014

Life moves between the Studio in Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, Dance Studios in East London and the Editing Suite in Stamford Hill. The days of International Travel have gone! The Jet Set life replaced by Life in the Bus Lane.

Working on a new group of paintings, part of my Portrait of Performers, including portrait of amazing Performance Artist Missa Blue.

Missa Blue14

Work continues on a dance for film project with dancers, Performers, Musicians and Composers.

Also Curating a show of Live performance and Artists Films at an eccentric venue in Hackney.



Portrait of Moreno Solinas… finished in the Dalston studio.

May 29, 2014

painting > function > redundant >

panel > decoration > portrayal >

a ghost > a prayer > a spell >

2014-05-16 19.33.21

Moreno is a dancer / performer working in London


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