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# H a c k x i t

September 3, 2019

# H a c k x i t

< Islington|Hackney >


You   are   now   attempting   to   cross  the  border 

into  the  Independent  Republic   of   Hackney.    

Please    have    all    the  necessary  

papers   ready   for   inspection.   

Thank   you    and   we hope  

you   can    enjoy    your    stay.

You are welcome to

H a c k n e y

H. Writing Quotes A – Z #LangstonHughes ‘In all my life, I have never been free. I have never been able to… #writingaboutwriting

June 23, 2018


… do anything with freedom, except in the field of my writing.’

– Langston Hughes






Where When RSVP >




Work on headdress continues #curatorial #art #history #fashion and #disturbing

December 30, 2016


Investigating the weird, beautiful and fabulous world of the turban.

My collection of headdress in action.

Captured, fabricated, found images…










wtf !?





The Centre of Attention, @notwgallery, House of O’Dwyer, Granny Ludski. What is the connection?

July 11, 2013

news x 4

1. The Centre of Attention gets a mention in the Artangel Open top 100

2. A House of O’Dwyer painting (portrait of Pierre) used for book cover for Federico Sabitini novel, now sees the portrait recreated by an actor, the occasion? A reading by the author. Wish i could be there.


3. And Granny Ludski is back in town Curating her At Home with the Ludskis No.9 at the Rio Cinema in Dalston London on 27th July a mix of Artists Film, Performance and Music! Including moi!

4. News of the World Gallery in Deptford continues with a film installation from German Artist Stefan Hoderlein: A walk in the Park

AND all will be over by the end of the month.




show time in Brixton for photography…

December 5, 2012

thursday private view 6-8

photofusion gallery

come along

show time in Brixton for photography….

new film at Rio Cinema Hackney this sat

September 18, 2012

new film by the house of o’dwyer premiere this sat

When I got back to London (pt 3 Venice)

will be shown as part of  – At Home with the Ludskis #6 –

Meat Poppet Masquerade

will also be showing another new film

Born to Kill

loads of other fantastic artists too

art performance moving image +

invite friends on facebook


New moving image work in production…

April 30, 2012

Here in London I am currently working on a new short moving image work (15 min). Working title:








(stills from pt3venwigb)


AND working on the Launch of  ‘News of the World’ a new independent art space ( follow on twitter ) at no.3 Enclave in Deptford, London

AND working with Curator Granny Ludski on the ‘At Home with the Ludskis (4th Edition):  May Parade’

AND also looking for people to sit for portraits. The painted kind…


My favourite Art Project…

April 24, 2012

 …at the moment

New York (Monkey)


London (Lamb)

Vienna (shell)


London (Gorilla)


all photographs

from the

h o u s e   o f   o ‘ d w y e r   series

M e n a n g e r i e  –  U r b a n   S a f a r i


Murcia (shell)

New York (Cock)

Liverpool (Liver bird)


Brussels (Lobster)


London (Lobster)

Frankfurt (swan)

Oxford (Swan)

Murcia (Ant)



At Home with the Ludskis: part 4! MaY pArAdE

March 20, 2012

May 12th sat 11.00pm – 2.30am

If you would like to get involved with the Ludskis all you have to do is propose to curator Granny Ludski!



painted portraits 2009 – 2012

March 10, 2012



the house of o’dwyer





(acrylic on fabric)




(acrylic on fabric)




(acrylic on fabric)


the Zeitlers


(acrylic on fabric)


Tai Shani


(acrylic on canvas)




(Acrylic on canvas)




(acrylic on canvas)




acrylic on canvas




(acrylic on canvas)


A Lady 2009

(acrylic on canvas)


‘…I found myself painting by candlelight, Opera and incense swirling about me; I re-adjusted my headdress and then like a fiend in human form I got to work with the glitter glue… maybe it was an over reaction to the hours and hours of video editing.’

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