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What the f*^% happened to me! Hackney Wick!

May 30, 2017


Pruning roses, making vegetable stock, building structures with bamboo ! Whaaaaat?


Sexy young man working on laptop lying on the bed

Recently i had to move, and ended up with a little house in hackney wick. It has a garden, parking and a spare room. My mother designed the garden 10 years ago. Its real pretty with Japanese maples, roses and a cute Summer house / cabin.

It is not a shed!

However, i can not for the life of me find a housemate! And i can’t afford not to have one. My friend MD suggested Airbnb, and Wow! It’s all gone amazingly well.



Three were booked for my spare room. 4 turned up. The summer house became a beautiful cabin with double bed, shelves and storage.

It is not a shed.

Everyone was happy, i think!

Now i rent out the spare room and the cabin to some really lovely people. All are allowed free roam of the main house of course.

All the doors in the road are black. I had to go pink!



That’s the garden and cabin, which is now also pink.

Feels like my financial woes are over. For now. In getting the house ready for guests, i have become addicted to Amazon Prime.

First it was important things i needed immediately. Mattresses, quilts, antique indian bowls… they would arrive the next day.

Now it’s lampshades handmade from kimono silk, lace effect waterproof table cloths, jewel like drawer handles, cherub sculptures… !




Vegan Update:

Yes i am still vegan, although there was an incident with a slab of mature cheddar and an anchovy!



Off to my favourite city Venice in two weeks, with two amazing new friends from the Dalston Ballet crew. Gonna check out the biennale, do a bit of dancing and filming, and drink Campari from dawn til dusk! Heaven.

This is from a recent performance with the lovely qila and ariella, those friends i mentioned!




There was something else… Oh yes. For the first time in 2 months i’m back to writing and painting.

New song for Dalston Ballet coming soon!

Exhibition of portraits also coming soon…

Gar x



I think the word is Awesome!… #Art #Writing #film #houseofodwyer

April 28, 2015

portrait of the artist

Yes since you ask I think the word Awesome is definelty the most grossly misused, overused, abused.

Anyways here is my new website. Not had much time to blog as I have been working on this and moving studio and working on a ballet for film and a live performance and editing screenplays and essays and novels and poems and…





OR navigate for yourself the mind palace work in progress of the house of o’dwyer:





I did a selfie! me me me!

October 22, 2014



gary selfie

A commission of course.




September 13, 2013

the house of o’dwyer

Since 2000 I have produced moving image work, photography, painting and installation under the name ‘the house of o’dwyer’

You can call me G.

I live and work in London where I grew up. I read History at Sussex University, and studied Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in London.

In 2000 I founded and continue to direct The Centre of Attention. This is a contemporary art collective that curates exhibitions and produces and authors conceptual and performative work.

In 2011 I formed ‘At Home with the Ludskis’ as a curated platform for all art forms, which uses London’s Rio Cinema as a venue for quarterly ‘Happenings’ of screenings, performance and actions.

In 2012 I opened a space in London’s Deptford:  News of the World. Created to exist as a challenge to prevailing notions of exhibitng Art, it manifests as a ‘Curator’s Studio’.

I have exhibited and screened work in the UK and internationally, including exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Stockholm, John Moores University, Liverpool, and a show at the Milton Keynes Gallery, FACT Liverpool.

Working as The Centre of Attention, I was selected for the Venice Biennale in 2005, and my recent feature length film project “Action Diana” was chosen as one of the top ten films for 2009 by Art Forum.

I continue work on a moving image project, ‘When i got back to London’ . Part 12 is in pre – production.

As well as working on a feature length screenplay, I am writing short stories, conceptual poetry and novels.  I am drawn to ideas of philosopy, human nature, and the tension between self-control and self-indulgence. Next year sees publication of my second novel.

As The House of O’Dwyer

As The Centre of Attention

At Home with the Ludskis curatorial project

I write regularly about new Art for magazines, publications, catalogues and press releases. and am writing on the subject of the ‘Post -Contemporary.

‘I give regular public talks and presentations at professional conferences, in museums and galleries and for broadcast. As a visiting tutor I have been employed by universities and art schools including Slade, Gothenburg University, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU),  Sheffield University and  Goldsmiths University.


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