Gar’s Vegan diet challenge week 4! + Guess the Vegan!

November 11, 2016

28 days!

Two fails this week! I had some chedder crakers  by ‘mistake’. Then marzipan dark chocolates appeared in the cupboard. Who new marzipan had milk in!

Someone made me lasagne and I had to say no. Felt petty. As I have gone from meat eater to vegan in one go people are pretty confused.

It took two weeks to find all the ingredients for making an animal free chocolate tarte.  Corn flour being the most elusive!

On the menu this week:

Animal free chilli, with quiniua, and with rice. Hummus and crackers. Wine. Veg pot thing. Olives. Chocolate fruit and nuts. Bol Japanese salad. Oreos. Animal free samosa. Veg quarter pounder sandwich. Edamame bean salad. Homemade vegetable curry. Camden town brewery larger.

Who is the Vegan?



Currently craving cake and bac0n, but only when i see it in the shop.

Off now to make my first tarte!

‘Til next time x



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