WEEK 3 of Gar’s Vegan Challenge!

November 8, 2016


Hey! Still going, partly due to this chedder cheese looky likey!





Still having Oreos for breakfast.

And for snacks I’m still having

  • Dried fruit and nuts covered in animal free chocolate
  • Hummus
  • Crackers
  • And olives. A lot of olives.

Really missing my brioche in the morning though!


THURSDAY writing class / dalston ballet workshop

  • Animal free homemade animal free Curry. Again.
  • Lemon and coriander hummus!
  • Larger (in a can. I’m assuming animal free.)


Thinking: Why am i doing this? The Environment?




FRIDAY work / studio

  • Made animal free chilli again. no onion. Was ok though.


Because i’m having a mid life crisis?


SATURDAY  work / work   late

  • ? no idea, memory, record, data … but it was animal free.


To prevent cruelty?


SUNDAY  work / work


mango mange tout.jpg


  • Marks and Spencer mango and mange tout salad.
  • Tesco meat free quarterpounder between bread with ketchup and french mustard. AMAZING!

I’m hoping all this helps with ideas and possibilities for you to have an animal free diet.


MONDAY work / work

  • Catalan bean casserole from Sainsbury’s
  • Crakers
  • Pale Ale

I found some dark chocolate and marzipan in the cupboard. My flatmate’s. The marzipan contains animal product?! Milk. Devastated!


TUESDAY (DAY 20 Yay!)  work / studio


  • Crudities with beetroot vinaigrette



  • Home made Vegan Chilli (with kidney beans, roast sweet potato, kidney beans with quinoa) based on Jamie Oliver recipe. (Not sure what that white stuff is?)
  • Falafel and hummus


WHY be vegan? Because i need to be the centre of attention at all dinner parties?!



  • Edema bean salad.
  • Animal free Muffin. (thats me!)
  • Animal Free Homemade Chilli (as above and for the next 2 days?!


THINKING: Haven’t been to a dinner party in 5 years !


The Vegan Challenge continues!

‘Til next week!

Gar x



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