PT 2 Being Vegan… the second week …how did it go?

October 28, 2016


WEEK 2 of being Vegan

I was expecting epic fail but it has honestly not been that difficult.

Then I haven’t been out to dinner anywhere!




Coffee with soya milk. Not keen on Almond milk.


Wine (various) – Assuming it’s all animal free!

Various animal free crackers

Animal free plain Chocolate with dried tropical fruit and nuts

Indian tea


All of the above are pretty much a given everyday at the moment. Not sure how healthy this is but it keeps me going.


THURSDAY – working

Butternut squash risotto (tesco)

Avocado & Houmous dip (delphi)


FRIDAY – Performance at Chisenhale Dance

Wine and Pale Ale.




Sri Lankan Lentil Sambar (BOL).

The rest of the Avocado & Hummus dip (delphi).



A girl i met advised Chedder style animal free cheese (Coconut based) with onion chutney (Freeform). Surprisingly delicious and stops my need for cheese. Amazing!

Whiskey sour cocktail.

Sri Lankan lentil samba (BOL) again.

Lemon & coriandar hummus (tesco)

Sweet potato fries (tesco) – sokay not great. But then i did burn them!


SUNDAY – work




Olives and crackers for lunch.

An attempt at home made Vegan Chilli turned into a pasta sauce (?) / accompaniment!

Baked sweet potato, with cinnamon, cumin, paprika, black pepper, italian herbs. Never prepared or cooked sweet potato before. Delicious.

Animal free pasta, with courgette, onion, garlic, peppers, chilli, passata, grated animal free chedder coconut cheese !

So delicious! So not worried about cheese cravings any more.


MON – work


Same as yesterday. Animal free chilli pasta sauce.

I made so much of it!


TUESDAY – work

AND SAME AGAIN ! I really did make a huge amount. And it tasted great.

Hummus and crackers too.


WEDNESDAY – at the studio

More olives.

Chick pea salad (Tesco)

Home made curry with courgette, roasted butternut squash, mushroom, peas, tofu, fresh chilli, garlic, spices and coconut milk, with quinoa.


My first time cooking with coconut milk.

A bit disapointing but i may have not added enough curry powder. I did make enough for 4 – 5 days, if my flat mate don’t want any !

Freeform Chedder cheese looky-likey  … loving that!


Oh my days! Two weeks animal free diet! Can’t believe it!

The long road to Veganism has been achieved !

Next stop…

Vegan shoes…

… and week 3 !




I do like a clog!




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