If you don’t like Avant Garde Music Performance and Dance don’t come to Action Pulpeuse at New Art Projects on 4th Oct 6pm. U get me!

September 29, 2016

October is a busy month for the gang at Dalston Ballet Co. Please join us: https://www.facebook.com/dalstonballet/

Action Pulpeuse is coming to New Art Projects London…. and it’s longer and wider than ever, with upwards of ten playful and provocative performances touching on language, power & the body, to punctuate your gentle wander through the gallery.

Free entry / free drink

The Centre of Attention’s ‘Seven for Seven-thirty’ marshals elements of exhibition-making to manipulate our notions of etiquette & codes of social status to create a very specific sense of occasion.

Ritter-Zamet gallery

Dalston Ballet Company: three short dance pieces featuring Rckay Rax, house of o’dwyer, Jo Cork, Lee Fukke combine experimental music, movement, light, and cut up techniques to explore ideas of beauty, art and archetype, narrative & dramaturgy.

Daniel Lehan‘s ‘I am a Square” is a sound text piece comprising words, poems and songs performed on two battery powered child’s Alphabet Desks, referencing Dada sound poetry and the artist’s own performance at Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich.

Patrizia Paolini’s character performance ‘Lalla’re’ poses the question “What’s it all about ?” (life/death ? the piece ? the event ?)

Zuza Tehanu: ‘Mire’ – Her waters spilled / Her matter embraced the ground / Her body became a mud / And from the mud back it came

Hosts Przymierska Morgan demonstrate their rigorously developed system for effective communication & invite the audience to inscribe meaning on the artist’s skin. And there’s a little something to take home with you…

:: Links:
New Art Projects http://newartprojects.com/
Action Pulpeuse (FB) https://www.facebook.com/ActionPulpeuse/
Dalston Ballet Company www.houseofodwyer.com/about-dalston-ballet
The Centre Of Attention www.houseofodwyer.com/attention
Patrizia Paolini www.jesuspaolinipark.com
Daniel Lehan www.daniel-lehan.com
Zuza Tehanu www.zuzatehanu.co.uk
Przymierska Morgan www.vimeo.com/dietrich




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