Making a statement: What the hell are u doing? Writing on art / curatorial / choreographic practice #DalstonBallet #houseofodwyer

June 17, 2016


I formed the Dalston Ballet Company as a work of art in itself and to be able to create work for live performance and also as moving image. We aim to work collaboratively with other Artists and attempt to combine film, movement, music, sound, choreography, in fact all art forms to create a total art work.

The project stems from an inquiry into notions of dramaturgy, theatrical and psycho-sociological, as well as construction of story and narrative.

My practice amounts to an examination of, or quest to discover the truth, beauty, the nature of humanity, and the meaning of Art all from the perspective of fairy tales, the archetypal narratives.


jo small

Witch: performed by Jo Cork for Dalston Ballet Co.



The films from the Dalston Ballet Co. also also exist as a moving image portrait series.

Work by the house of o’dwyer has been has been exhibited nationally and international including: Venice Biennale; Manifesta; Museo Reina Sofia; Modern Art Istanbul; Artists Network NY; Art Brut Wien; Milton Keynes Gallery; CCA Glasgow; Schauspielhaus Zurich.





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