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April 28, 2015

portrait of the artist

Yes since you ask I think the word Awesome is definelty the most grossly misused, overused, abused.

Anyways here is my new website. Not had much time to blog as I have been working on this and moving studio and working on a ballet for film and a live performance and editing screenplays and essays and novels and poems and…

FILMS:  http://www.houseofodwyer.com/#!slideshow/c7yw

PHOTOGRAPHY:  http://www.houseofodwyer.com/#!dream-of-the-red-room/c21k3

PAINTING:  http://www.houseofodwyer.com/#!slideshow/cp4g

WRITING:  http://www.houseofodwyer.com/#!about3/c1ukx

OR navigate for yourself the mind palace work in progress of the house of o’dwyer: http://www.houseofodwyer.com






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