Granny Ludski invites you to ….

July 9, 2013



Granny Ludski invites you to:

At Home with the Ludskis  (no.9)  Voyage & Return Edition

Screening of Artists Films & performance & more

> Venue:  RIO Cinema, DALSTON, LONDON, E8 2PB, UK

Saturday 27th JULY 2013

11.30pm  Start – 2.30am finish

Bar till 2.30am


  • Late Night Cross Platform Multi Disciplinary Art ‘Happening’ with focus on moving image and the big screen & Performance
  • ‘Expect a totally surreal, totally bonkers happening across a variety of artistic platforms.  Time Out
  • contact:

Edition 9 of ‘At Home with the Ludskis’ Avant-Garde, plastic art, installation, live music, popcorn, intervention, painting, Total art, Post-contemporary, exhibition, screening, live performance happening!… curated by Granny Ludski.

Bringing together Artists from all over the world, at all career stages and levels of fame and from as many creative fields as possible to create Avant Garde Art for the Cinema!

‘At Home with…

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