Art Happening: At home with the Ludskis Sat 12th Jan Rio Cinema

December 15, 2012

i need to bring some order into the chaos…

1) application application application

2) Working on ‘At home with the Ludskis (#7)  Midnight Mass Edition’

that great Late Night Multi Disciplinary Art ‘Happening’… OR Music Art Screening Exhibition Party!At RIO Cinema, DALSTON, LONDON, E8 2PB, UK:

Expect a totally surreal, totally bonkers happening across a variety of artistic platforms.  Time Out

Saturday 12th Jan 2013 >>>  DATE /11.30pm  Start – 2.30am finish  / £6  >>> Tickets

For a second year we team up with the LONDON SHORT FILM FESTIVAL for our unique Late Night Art Happening in Hackney.

This 7th Edition of ‘At Home with the Ludskis’ Avant-Garde, plastic art, installation, live music, popcorn, intervention, painting, Total art, Post-contemporary, exhibition, screening, live performance art happening!… will also host two fascinating guest Curators

Giulia Casalini  (Cuntemporary & One Billion Rising) &  Christine Eyene (with Paul Emmanuel)

And also a choreographer: Charlie George with Dark Island Dance. And as usual Granny Ludski.‘The saturated landscape of art, installations, performance and even fashion in the East London makes it easy to be dismissive, yet there’s something about the Ludskis that suggests it should be taken a little more seriously than the rest. The avant-garde late night exhibition combines a number of mediums – from screenings to live music – and celebrates the rich history of the Dalston Rio’s roots in Modernism. It might just be something people will be talking about for a while…’         Thrill City London

‘…from dada to grandma the beat goes on…’     Granny Ludski

The ARTISTS for ‘At Home with the Ludskis’  (#7):  Midnight Mass Edition include:

> Paul Emannuel

Curated by Christine Eyene

> Chen Xiaoyun

>The Centre of Attention

>Josie McCoy

>Ernesto Sarzale

>Loulou Reloulou

>Dark Island Dance with Charlie George

& Svetlana Industries

& Alexandros Papathanasiou

>Pedro Reyes

>Joe le Tropic

>Marcel Duchamp

>Linnea Handsender

>Sue Frumin


>AND  Curated by Giulia Casalini in collaboration with

CUNTemporary / ONE BILLION RISING London Art Festival


Videos and performances selected in support of One Billion Rising London Art Festival: a global movement to end violence against women and girls.






> …. And more Artists on the night to be confirmed.



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