the Centre of Attention NEWS update

March 24, 2012

The Centre of Attention new space… News of the World… opening at Enclave 3…  Deptford London… 15th June…for more info /or send proposals to……

Enclave is a new-build and long-term architectural infrastructure in Deptford, South London, housing a strip of nine project spaces, gallery, art offices and coffee shop.

The inaugural exhibition, Artist Urban Action, launches throughout the entire site presenting the initial range of independent activity alongside a series of new commissions.

Curators at The Centre of Attention (Winnebago, performance, Cologne)

click  ME  for The Centre of Attention

Enclave will evolve with a gallery programme of outcomes by these spaces with additional curatorial symposia, exchanges, international residencies and multi-cultural film clubs that aim to develop both institutional dialogue and social engagement.

Enclave sits within a new masterplan for Deptford and was originally built by council and renewal developers. temporarycontemporary (click here) have taken over the site to create what will become a self-sustaining model of artist networks and public outcome. Enclave is itself an urban action conceived by artist Anthony Gross (click here). It is an on-going research project around entropy and social enterprise – a result of the Event Horizon social club (click here) and The Old Police Station (click here) projects.

The first programmed exhibition at the Enclave gallery will be Francis Thorburn (click here) solo show, 30th August (PV) – 30th September 2012

Enclave, Resolution Way, London SE8 4NT
Contact: (click here)
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