# H a c k x i t

September 3, 2019

# H a c k x i t

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You   are   now   attempting   to   cross  the  border 

into  the  Independent  Republic   of   Hackney.    

Please    have    all    the  necessary  

papers   ready   for   inspection.   

Thank   you    and   we hope  

you   can    enjoy    your    stay.

You are welcome to

H a c k n e y


Boo Boo’s Book Store

July 15, 2019


Have fun over at Boo Boo’s Book Store on Amazon >


the Buccaneer – a story of gay pirates


Sat 18th May Dalston Ballet Vout o Reenees Aldgate London 8pm

May 13, 2019

Vout -O-Reenees is a wonderful member’s club, in the tradition and style of an old fashioned Soho drinking den. Hosted by founder Sophie Parkin, Dalston Ballet has been employed as its resident performance art company.

To celebrate 5 year anniversary they are throwing a party for the members only at which Dalston Ballet will be performing. http://vout-o-reenees.com/events/vout-o-reenees-is-5-years-old-members-invite-only/

If you cant make that then: Sataurday 25th of May, Dalston Ballet will be performing at Rio Cinema as part of ‘At home with the Ludskis.’ Tickets and more info >


Like, Follow, share and generally keep in the loop here > https://www.instagram.com/gar_de_da/ (producer)

here > https://www.houseofodwyer.com/

or here > https://www.facebook.com/dalstonballet/

maybe there > https://twitter.com/DalstonBallet

Sat 25th May/ Art, music, film, performance/ Rio Cinema, Hackney/ At home with the Ludskis returns…

May 8, 2019

Halloween Tarot – dalston ballet 2017 #liveart #performance #film #art4reel

April 29, 2019

Art Opp. Desperatlee ckin po!ets. Do u no n e 1?

April 28, 2019

for new anthology of spoken word …

Send links etc to me.

Any questions?

Get in touch.

Dalston Ballet at Vout-O-Reenees

April 16, 2019

Our latest in the Tarot Series: Thanks to Winnie the Pouf, Rckay Rax, Belle, Matthew, Geraldine, Jasmin, Gar O’Dwyer and Richard T.

Pimlico Tarot… A Cabinet of all the talents: artists, performers dancers, musicians, writers… Come join us in the masquerade > http://www.houseofodwyer.com

The Leaning Tower of Hackney Wick 1985

April 16, 2019
1985 – Failed planned explosive demolition in Hackney - 1

Trying to locate the footprint of this tower block that refused to be demolished.


170,000 years of art. In the beginning…

January 14, 2019

170,000 years ago:

humans are wearing clothing by this date.

135,000 (?) – 82,000 years ago:

small perforated seashell beads from Taforalt in Morocco are the earliest evidence of personal adornment found anywhere in the world.

70,000 years ago:

earliest example of abstract art or symbolic art from Blombos Cave, South Africa—stones engraved with grid or cross-hatch patterns.

43,000 years ago:

Oldest-known musical instruments in the world, flutes, made from bird bone and mammoth ivory, found in a cave in southern Germany

40,000 years ago:

oldest known figurative art the zoomorphic Löwenmensch figurine. The Lion-man

35,000 years ago:

oldest known figurative art of a human figure as opposed to a zoomorphic figure (Venus of Hohle Fels).

30,000 years ago:

rock paintings tradition begins in Bhimbetka rock shelters in India, which presently as a collection is the densest known concentration of rock art. In an area about 10 km2, there are about 800 rock shelters of which 500 contain paintings. They also depict earlist evidence of dance.

28,000–24,000 years ago:

oldest known pottery—used to make figurines rather than cooking or storage vessels (Venus of Dolní Věstonice).

11,000 years ago:

Earliest date recorded for construction of temenoi ceremonial structures at Göbekli Tepe in southern Turkey, as possibly the oldest surviving proto-religious site on Earth.

8,000–5,000 years ago:

development of proto-writing in China, Southeast Europe (Vinca symbols) and West Asia. The earliest form of writing on our planet, called proto-cuneiform, was invented in Mesopotamia during the Late Uruk period, about 5200 [?] Proto-cuneiform consisted of pictographs–simple drawings of the subjects of the documents–and early symbols representing those ideas, drawn or pressed into puffy clay tablets, which were then fired in a hearth or baked in the sun.

Sumerian tablet

Blazing Star: Life n Times of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester

January 14, 2019

Earl of Rochester

A thrilling portrait of the wild freedoms enjoyed at the court of Charles II, focusing on the most notorious man of the age, the scandalous Earl of Rochester. Blazing Star is a compelling portrait of a remarkable and complex man, and of a cultural golden age that often spilled over into depravity.

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