Oh jeff i love you too but…

December 12, 2018

Split screen

On the telephone

by the house of o’dwyer



Conversations with another. By houseofodwyer.com #curatorial #leggydisplay #art #forsale

December 12, 2018

2005 – ongoing

Conversations with another

by house of o;dwyer

For sale

Prize winning books for sale + Serious face + Missy the dancing dog!

December 7, 2018

via Prize winning books for sale + Serious face + Missy the dancing dog!

Canal – A novella in verse – by Gar O’Dwyer – Part 1

November 9, 2018

C a n a l

A novella in verse

by Gar O’Dwyer

Part 1


Chapter 1


In the toilet the struggle with

the limescale build-up

had taken on geological proportions

driving me right round, right round

right round the fucking u-bend.

Calcification creeping excrescence

voices from the radio pervade the kitchen.

News. The neverendum borders, Brexit, Trump

and other disasters.


The Professor, Professor Sniffy Booboo too you,

a pedigree Welshie, a terrier of distinction,

in between monitoring my food handling activities

would repeatedly drop, then retrieves in her teeth

a tennis ball, at the feet of her adopted homo-sapien

Me. Hi. I’m Tom by the way.

No Don’t.


The ominous sound of the ball’s percussive bounce,

demanding and threatening all at once.

Not now Sniffy – I tell her, as I make my coffee.

The Professor continues to stare at the dirty grey ball,

with an alarming focus.

I change radio stations, from news and reviews, re-tuning

to one playing music. You can choose.

The professor continues to stare at the dull grey sphere.


I seek out my phone, the dog lead…

and with play a no go, Prof. Sniffy Booboo, slopes off with a mild whimper,

as I collect pooh bags, coffee cup and …

Sniffy pitter-patters back with a soft toy, a plush little penguin.

‘That’s not yours Professor Sniffy Boo-boo.

I wrestle the toy pouch away from her beardy snout;

distract her with a crumb of bread,

and place snooty safely on top of the cupboard,

I like to call it an Armoire.

Sniffy gives a low level bark between a fleet of whimpers.

My phone rings.

It’s mum, I tell Sniffy.

I continue a search for shoes.

Hi… Yes…Ok mum… come by tomorrow.

I pick up my baseball cap,

Tomorrow night.

Professor Sniffy Booboo follows me…


to be continued…

For the reader? Spoken word? Performance art? Can a poem be all three? #DalsonBallet

August 11, 2018


house of o’dwyer for Dalston Ballet



Crouch down

bent double

over the counter


blunt force trauma

fill the empty interior

shut me up


shut me down

manage the beast

stop the hysteria


work for the tongue

roughly speaking

worship and adore


under the weather

come in my eye

post traumatic stress disorder


let me go

out patient

I can suck at it myself


taste the meat

feel the heat

down I come


enjoy the ache

Medicate me

choke on me



i don’t need anyone

the taste of it


he’s back, for more

I can’t take all of it

split in two


brain on the floor

rub my face in it

fight me for it


ride me home

teach me what

my mouth is for








live performance / spoken word / live art with Dalston Ballet & Gar de Da

August 10, 2018


What ever happened to baby Gar?


Queen Adelaide Tarot by Dalston Ballet

at Transhuman express

performing with dalston ballet:

LR, Gar de Da, Daria and Vit








Working on #spokenword #poetry #libretto for #DalstonBallet #Silence

July 29, 2018




In refusing to lie

Refusing to lie about it

To lie about it all


About what I know

All what I know

I know I will


I will I know

In refusing

Refusing to lie


Lie about it

What I know

I wlil I know


I will be


Reduced to silence


To silence





gar n yumi 2017



Working with Mika Hockman on performance Doll/Rita

July 22, 2018

at SPACE in Hackney





INVITE: House of o’dwyer is 19 ! Garden Party like its 1799 invite >

July 15, 2018

Join us for a garden party in Hackney Wick.

Stuck for a gift idea? Let me help.




Garden Party 4pm ’til Casualty

if i don’t see or hear from

you have a great year.




The last, or the first, of my A-Z of writers writing about writing. A. #WritingQuotes #A2Z #naomiAlderman ‘Expect to be disgusted by your own early work. If writing is…’ See u all tonight.

July 5, 2018


‘… your vocation, if you hope that it might be your salvation, push on

through the disgust until you find one true sentence, a few words that

say more than you expected, something you didn’t know until you

set it down.’ – Naomi Alderman







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